The table below illustrates the fiber content of common breads.


Food ItemFood TypeServingTotal Fiber (grams)Insoluble Fiber (grams)Soluble Fiber (grams)
Muffins, English, whole wheatBread1 each4.43.60.8
Pita, whole wheatBread1 medium3.32.60.7
Bread, cracked wheat, low calorie, high fiberBread1 Slice3.11.71.4
Bread, white low calorie high fiberBread1 Slice3.11.71.4
Bread, wheat low calorie high fiberBread1 Slice3.11.71.4
Rolls, Submarine, hoagie Bread 1 medium2.82.00.8
Rolls, hamburger, whole wheatBread1 medium2.82.50.3
Bread, Multi Grain, granola, low calorie, high fiberBread1 Slice2.81.61.2
Whole Wheat BagelBread1 Medium2.60.81.8
Muffins, branBread1 medium2.62.30.3
Rolls, whole wheatBread1 medium2.52.10.4
Yeast, baking - active dryBread1 cup2.5--
Shredded Wheat (Nabisco)Bread1 biscuit2.31.90.4
Rolls, PumpernickelBread 1 medium2.11.01.1
Rolls, ryeBread1 medium2.11.01.1
Bread, Boston BrownBread1 Slice2.11.60.5
Oat Bran BagelBread1 Medium2.01.01
Shredded Wheat (Quaker)Bread1 biscuit2.01.70.3
bread, whole wheatBread1 Slice2.01.60.4
Bread, Multi Grain, granolaBread1 Slice1.81.50.3
Rolls, hamburger, wheatBread1 medium1.81.30.5
Salted nut rollBread1 oz1.61.30.3
Rolls, cracked wheatBread1 medium1.51.10.4
CroutonsBread1 cup1.50.90.6
Rolls, multigrainBread1 medium1.51.10.4
Bread, rye, (light or dark)Bread1 Slice1.50.70.8
Rolls, wheatBread1 medium1.51.10.4
Rolls, oat branBread1 medium1.50.70.8
Bread, pumpernickelBread1 Slice1.50.70.8
Muffins, English, whiteBread1 each1.51.10.4
Tortilla, cornBread1 each1.41.20.2
Tortilla, white flourBread1 each1.41.00.4
CornbreadBread1 slice1.31.10.2
Rolls, sourdoughBread1 medium1.20.40.8
Muffins, oat bran or oatmealBread1 medium1.20.60.6
Rolls, hot dogBread 1 each1.20.80.4
Rolls, KaiserBread1 medium1.20.80.4
Rolls, hardBread1 medium1.20.80.4
Bread, focacciaBread1 Slice1.20.50.7
Rolls, hamburger, whiteBread1 medium1.20.80.4
Rolls, french or ViennaBread1 medium1.20.50.7
Muffins, carrotBread1 medium1.21.00.2
Bread, raisinBread1 Slice1.10.90.2
Bread, OatmealBread1 Slice1.10.50.6
Bran, Oat BranBread1 Slice1.10.70.4
Rolls, OatmealBread1 medium1.10.50.6
Rolls, whiteBread1 medium1.10.70.4
Bread, wheatBread1 Slice1.00.80.2
Bread, cracked wheatBread1 Slice1.00.70.3
Pita, whiteBread1 medium1.00.50.5
Taco Shell, hardBread1 each1.00.80.2
BreadsticksBread1 Medium0.90.10.8
Muffins, blueberryBread1 medium0.90.50.4
CroissantBread1 medium0.90.40.5
Matzo, whole wheatBread1 each0.80.40.4
Matzo, eggBread1 each0.80.30.5
Matzo, plainBread1 each0.80.40.4
Bread, sourdoughBread1 Slice0.70.30.4
SconeBread1 medium0.70.40.3
Bread, FrenchBread1 Slice0.70.30.4
Bread, HovisBread1 Slice0.60.40.2
Bread, cinnamon swirlBread1 Slice0.60.30.3
French ToastBread1 slice0.60.30.3
Bread, whiteBread1 Slice0.60.30.3
Rolls, crescent (refrigerated dough)Bread1 each0.50.20.3
Bread, cheeseBread1 Slice0.50.20.3
Bread, ItalianBread1 Slice0.50.20.3
Bread, eggBread1 Slice0.40.20.2
Crispbread-ryeBread1 each0.30.10.2
Bread Crumbs, plainBread1 TBSP0.20.10.1
FlatbreadBread1 each0.20.10.1