Fiber can be found in ALL kinds of different foods. Most people think of fruits and nuts as being the leading food groups for fiber. While this is indeed true, there are also many other food groups where fiber can be found such as Bread, Cereal, and even some chocolate covered snacks!

To view a table for each one click the link associated with the groups. This will bring you to a new page where you will be able to view just the foods within that specific group.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view the full table which includes many different varieties of foods and their fiber contents.

Listed below is the complete table of data on fiber content of foods. Just over 900 food items are included. You can sort the table according to-

  • Food Type
  • Total Fiber
  • Total Insoluble Fiber
  • Total Soluble Fiber

You may also search the table for many of your favorite food items to see how much fiber is in each of those specific foods. This will show you that adding fiber to your diet can be really easy as it may already be in a lot of foods that you like!

high fiber content of foods

Food ItemFood TypeServingTotal FiberInsoluble Fiber Soluble Fiber
Abiyuch, rawSeeds1/2 cup6.0--
Acorn squash, cookedVegetable1 cup9.0--
Adzuki Beans, cookedLegume1 cup17.0--
All Bran CerealGrain1/3 cup8.07.30.7
All-Bran (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup20.018.02
All-Bran (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup20.018.02
All-Bran Buds (Kellogg's) Cereal1 cup39.028.011
All-Bran CerealGrain1/2 cup10.0--
AllspiceSpice1 tsp0.50.00.5
Almond ButterNuts1Tbsp0.50.50
Almond PasteNuts1Tbsp1.01.00
Almonds Nuts1 cup16.014.02
Alpen (Weetabix)Cereal1 cup7.05.02
Alpha-Bits (Post)Cereal1 cup2.01.01
AmaranthGrain1/4 cup6.0--
Amaranth Flakes (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup3.02.01
Amaranth, dryGrain1 cup30.020.010
Anise seedNuts1 tsp0.50.00.5
AppleFruit1 medium4.03.01
Apple & Cinnamon Toasty O's (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup2.01.01
Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (General MillsCereal1 cup2.01.01
Apple Jacks K-sentials (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.50.50
Apple JuiceJuice1 cup0.50.50
Apple Zaps (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.01.00
Apple, baked with skin, sweetenedFruit1 medium5.04.01
Apple, baked with skin, unsweetenedFruit1 medium5.04.01
Apple, driedFruit1 cup8.04.04
Apple, with skinFruit1 medium4.03.01
Apple, without skinFruit1 medium2.01.01
Applesauce, canned, sweetenedFruit1 cup3.02.01
Applesauce, canned, unsweetened Fruit1 cup3.02.01
ApricotFruit1 cup4.02.02
Apricot, driedFruit5 half2.0--
Apricot, freshFruit3 fruits3.0--
Artichoke, freshVegetable1/2 cup4.01.03
Asian pear, rawFruit1 fruit4.0--
Avocado, rawFruit1/2 fruit9.0--
Bacon bits, textured vegetable proteinMeet1 Tbsp0.50.50
Bagel chipGrain1 oz1.00.50.5
Bagel, eggGrain1 medium1.50.51
Bagel, oat branGrain1 medium2.01.01
Bagel, plainGrain1 medium1.51.00.5
Bagel, pumpernickel, ryeGrain1 medium3.02.01
Bagel, whole wheatGrain1 medium3.02.01
Baking ChocolateChocolate1 oz4.04.00
Bamboo shoots, cannedVegetable1 cup2.01.50.5
BananaFruit1 Medium3.01.02
Banana Nut Crunch Great Grains (Post)Cereal1 cup5.04.01
Barbara's Original PuffinsCereal1 cup6.5--
Barley, cookedGrain1 cup9.07.02
Barley, dryGrain1 cup31.024.07
Barley, pearled cookedGrain1 cup 6.0--
Basic 4 (General Mills)Cereal1 cup3.02.01
Basil (ground)Spice1 tsp0.5--
Basil, freshSpice1 Tbsp0.0--
Bay LeafSpice1 tsp0.0--
Beans (with bacon, ham or pork)Legume1 cup5.04.01
Beans with bacon, undilutedLegume1 cup10.58.02.5
Beans, BakedLegume1/2 cup6.0--
Beans, baked with pork in brown sugarLegume1 cup13.08.05
Beans, baked with pork in tomato sauce Legume1 cup12.07.05
Beans, baked, vegetarian Legume1 cup13.08.05
Beans, bayo, cookedLegume1 cup6.04.02
Beans, garbanzoLegume1 cup12.510.02.5
Beans, green or string, cannedLegume1 cup2.61.61
Beans, green or string, cooked freshLegume1 cup3.72.11.6
Beans, green or string, cooked frozenLegume1 cup4.12.31.8
Beans, kidney, cooked dryLegume1 cup11.45.75.7
Beans, Lima, cooked dryLegume1 cup13.26.27
Beans, Lima, Cooked frozenLegume1 cup9.97.22.7
Beans, Navy, cooked driedLegume1 cup11.77.34.4
Beans, Northern, cooked driedLegume1 cup11.18.32.8
Beans, Pinto, cooked driedLegume1 cup14.710.93.8
Beans, Refried, cannedLegume1 cup13.49.24.2
Beans, Soybeans, cooked driedLegume1 cup10.35.74.6
Beans, Soybeans, green cookedLegume1 cup7.64.23.4
Beans, soybeans, roastedLegume1 cup30.416.713.7
Beans, stringVegetable1/2 cup2.0--
Beans, wax or yellow, cannedLegume1 cup1.70.80.9
Beans, wax or yellow, cooked freshLegume1 cup3.72.11.6
Beans, wax or yellow, cooked frozenLegume1 cup4.12.31.8
Beef, with noodles or pasta, ready to serve canBeef and Grains1 cup0.80.50.3
Beef, with noodles or pasta, undilutedBeef and Grains1 cup0.70.40.3
Beet greens, cookedVegetable1 cup4.22.31.9
Beet greens, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Beet greens, rawVegetable1 cup1.40.41
Beets, cannedVegetable1 cup2.91.51.4
Beets, cooked freshVegetable1 cup3.41.42
Berry Berry Kix (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.20.10.1
Berry Colossal Crunch (Malt o Meal)Cereal1 cup0.40.30.1
Betty Crocker Cinnamon Streusel (General Mills)Dessert1 cup1.51.20.3
Betty Crocker Dutch Apple (General Mills)Dessert1 cup1.61.00.6
Biscuit, Baking powder, Butter MilkBiscuit1 Medium0.50.20.3
Bite Size Shredded Wheat (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup6.25.30.9
Bite Size Shredded Wheat, Sweetened (arrowhead MillsCereal1 cup5.34.50.8
Black Beans, cookedLegume1/2 cup5.53.52
Black Beans, UndilutedLegume1 cup6.85.11.7
Black Currant JuiceJuice1 cup1.50.51
Black Turtle Beans, cookedLegume1 cup28.0--
BlackberriesFruit1 cup7.66.21.4
Blackberries, rawFruit1 cup8.0--
Blueberries, freshFruit1 cup4.0--
Blueberries, rawFruit1 cup4.0--
Bob's Red Mill Organic High Fiber Hot CerealGrain1/3 cup, dry10.0--
Bob's Red Mill Wheat Rolled (Flakes)Cereal1 cup10.08.02
Body Buddies (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.90.70.2
Booberry (general Mills)Cereal1 cup0.40.40
Boysenberries, frozenFruit1 cup7.0--
Bran (Nabisco) 100%Bran1 cup24.822.42.4
Bran Flakes (Post)Cereal1 cup6.76.00.7
Bran, Corn, dryBran1 cup63.261.22
Bran, Oat BranBread1 Slice1.10.70.4
Bran, Oat Bran, dryBran1 cup14.57.76.8
Bran, Rice, dryBran1 cup24.821.63.2
Bran, wheat (unprocessed)Bran1 cup24.822.91.9
Bran, Wheat, dryGrain1/4 cup6.0--
Brazil NutsNuts1 oz2.0--
Brazil nutsNuts1 cup7.55.71.8
Bread (whole wheat), slicedGrain1 slice2.0--
Bread Crumbs, plainBread1 TBSP0.20.10.1
Bread, Boston BrownBread1 Slice2.11.60.5
Bread, cheeseBread1 Slice0.50.20.3
Bread, cinnamon swirlBread1 Slice0.60.30.3
Bread, cracked wheatBread1 Slice1.00.70.3
Bread, cracked wheat, low calorie, high fiberBread1 Slice3.11.71.4
Bread, eggBread1 Slice0.40.20.2
Bread, focacciaBread1 Slice1.20.50.7
Bread, FrenchBread1 Slice0.70.30.4
Bread, HovisBread1 Slice0.60.40.2
Bread, ItalianBread1 Slice0.50.20.3
Bread, Multi Grain, granolaBread1 Slice1.81.50.3
Bread, Multi Grain, granola, low calorie, high fiberBread1 Slice2.81.61.2
Bread, OatmealBread1 Slice1.10.50.6
Bread, pumpernickelBread1 Slice1.50.70.8
Bread, raisinBread1 Slice1.10.90.2
Bread, rye, (light or dark)Bread1 Slice1.50.70.8
Bread, sourdoughBread1 Slice0.70.30.4
Bread, wheatBread1 Slice1.00.80.2
Bread, wheat low calorie high fiberBread1 Slice3.11.71.4
Bread, whiteBread1 Slice0.60.30.3
Bread, white low calorie high fiberBread1 Slice3.11.71.4
bread, whole wheatBread1 Slice2.01.60.4
BreadfruitFruit1 cup11.0--
Breadshop Blueberry ‘n Cream (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup8.0--
BreadsticksBread1 Medium0.90.10.8
Breakfast strips, textured vegetable proteinUnknown1 strip0.20.10.1
Bridge mixUnknown1 Oz0.80.60.2
Broad Beans (Fava), cookedLegume1 cup9.0--
Broccoflower (green cauliflower) cookedVegetable1 cup2.71.51.2
Broccoflower (green cauliflower) rawVegetable1 cup2.01.01
Broccoli cheese undilutedVegetable1 cup3.91.92
Broccoli, cookedVegetable1/2 cup1.0--
Broccoli, cookedVegetable1/2 cup1.50.51
Broccoli, cookedVegetable1 cup5.0--
Broccoli, cooked freshVegetable1 cup4.62.32.3
Broccoli, cooked frozenVegetable1 cup5.52.72.8
Broccoli, rawVegetable1 cup2.61.70.9
Brown RiceGrain1/2 cup4.03.50.5
Brown Rice, cookedGrain1 cup4.0--
Brussel Sprouts, cookedVegetable1 cup6.42.53.9
Brussels Sprouts, cookedVegetable1 cup6.0--
Brussels Sprouts, cookedVegetable1/2 cup4.51.53
Brussels Sprouts, cookedVegetable1/2 cup3.0--
Buckwheat groats, cookedGrain1 cup5.0--
Buckwheat groats, dryUnknown1 cup16.914.62.3
Bulgur, cannedUnknown1 cup5.94.91
Bulgur, cookedGrain1 cup8.0--
Bulgur, dryUnknown1 cup25.621.34.3
Bulgur, home-cookedUnknown1 cup7.96.61.3
Cabbage, cookedVegetable1/2 cup2.0--
Cabbage, green rawVegetable1 cup2.01.30.7
Cabbage, green, cookedVegetable1 cup3.41.91.5
Cabbage, red, cookedVegetable1 cup3.01.71.3
Cabbage, red, rawVegetable1 Cup1.81.00.8
Candy-coated almondsNuts1 oz1.31.20.1
Candy-coated chocolateCandy1 oz0.70.60.1
Candy-coated peanuts and chocolateNuts1 oz1.00.80.2
CantaloupeFruit1 cup1.31.00.3
Cap'n Crunch (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.20.11.1
Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.11.00.1
Carambola (starfruit)Fruit1 cup2.91.61.3
Caramel, plainCandy1 oz0.30.00.3
CarobNuts1 oz1.10.30.8
Carob PowderNuts1 tsp0.90.20.7
Carob-coated peanutsNuts1 oz1.80.71.1
Carob-coated raisinsNuts1 oz0.70.40.3
Carrot JuiceJuice1 cup1.91.40.5
Carrots, cannedVegetable1 cup2.20.71.5
Carrots, cooked freshVegetable1 cup5.23.02.2
Carrots, cooked frozenVegetable1 Cup4.82.82
Carrots, rawVegetable1 cup3.31.71.6
Cascadian Farms Hearty MorningCereal1 cup10.5--
Cashew butterNuts1 TBSP0.30.20.1
CashewsNuts1 cup4.94.50.4
Cassava, Yuca, cookedRoot1 cup1.50.90.6
Cauliflower, cooked freshVegetable1 cup3.42.50.9
Cauliflower, cooked frozenVegetable1 cup4.93.61.3
Cauliflower, rawVegetable1 cup2.51.60.9
Celeriac, or celery root, cookedVegetable1 cup1.91.00.9
Celery seedVegetable1 tsp0.30.00.3
Celery, cookedVegetable1 cup2.41.70.7
Celery, rawVegetable1 cup2.01.30.7
Cereal barCereal1 bar1.00.60.4
Cereal, party mix commercialCereal1 cup1.81.40.4
Chard, cookedVegetable1 cup3.73.10.6
Chayote fruit, cookedFruit1 cup4.0--
Cheerios (General Mills) Cereal1 cup3.02.10.9
Cheese Balls, puffs or twistsChips1 oz1.41.40
CherriesFruit1 cup3.32.31
Cherries, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup3.82.71.1
Cherries, freshFruit10 fruits2.0--
Cherries, maraschinoFruit1 cup1.41.00.4
Chervil (dried) Vegetable1 tsp0.10.00.1
ChestnutsNuts1 cup16.713.23.5
Chicken with vegetables, ready to serve canVegetables1 cup1.20.70.5
Chicken with vegetables, undilutedVegetables1 cup2.51.41.1
Chili PowderSpice1 tsp0.80.00.8
Chinese cabbage, Pak-choi, cookedVegetable1 cup2.71.71
Chinese cabbage, Pak-choi, rawVegetable1 cup0.70.40.3
Chinese Cabbage, Pe-tsai, cookedVegetable1 cup3.21.51.7
Chinese Cabbage, Pe-tsai, rawVegetable1 cup2.41.90.5
Chinese Vegetables, cannedVegetable1 cup1.40.90.5
Chocolate-covered almonds Chocolate1 oz2.52.20.3
Chocolate-covered caramelChocolate1 oz0.30.20.1
Chocolate-covered caramel and nougatChocolate1 oz0.50.40.1
Chocolate-covered caramel and peanutsChocolate1 oz1.00.80.2
Chocolate-covered caramel, peanuts, and nougatChocolate1 oz0.80.60.2
Chocolate-covered CherryChocolate1 oz0.30.20.1
Chocolate-covered coconutChocolate1 oz1.61.50.1
Chocolate-covered creamChocolate1 oz0.50.40.1
Chocolate-covered fondantChocolate1 oz0.50.40.1
Chocolate-covered marshmallowChocolate1 oz0.30.20.1
Chocolate-covered peanut butterChocolate1 oz0.90.70.2
Chocolate-covered peanutsChocolate1 oz1.31.00.3
Chocolate-covered raisinsChocolate1 oz1.21.00.2
Chocolate-covered toffeeChocolate1 oz0.70.60.1
Chocolate-covered toffeeChocolate1 oz0.70.60.1
Chocolate-covered toffee with nutsChocolate 1 oz1.51.30.2
Cinnamon (ground)Spice1 tsp1.20.01.2
Cinnamon Life (Quaker)Cereal1 cup2.92.20.7
Cinnamon toast crunch (General Mills)Cereal1 cup2.01.70.3
Citrus fruit (Orange, Grapefruit)Fruit1 medium2.51.51
Clam Chowder, Manhattan, ready to serve canSeafood1 cup1.00.60.4
Clam Chowder, Manhattan, undilutedSeafood1 cup2.01.10.9
Clam Chowder, New England, ready to serve cabSeafood1 cup1.60.70.9
Clam Chowder, New England, undilutedSeafood1 cup2.10.91.2
Cloves, groundUnknown1 tsp0.80.00.8
Cocoa Blasts (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.41.30.1
Cocoa Comets (Malt O Meal)Cereal 1 cup1.51.40.1
Cocoa Frosted Flakes K-sentials (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.30.20.1
Cocoa Krispies K-sentials (kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.50.40.1
Cocoa Pebbles (Post)Cereal1 cup0.60.50.1
Cocoa powder, unsweetenedChocolate1 tsp0.60.50.1
Cocoa Puffs (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.20.10.1
Coconut sweetened Fruit/Nut1 cup3.33.00.3
Coconut unsweetenedFruit/Nut1 cup13.011.91.1
Coconut, freshFruit/Nut1 Medium35.731.83.9
Coffee Cake, quick-bread, crumb typeDessert1 slice0.90.30.6
Coffee Cake, yeast typeDessert1 slice0.60.20.4
Collard greens, cookedVegetable1 cup5.0--
Collards, cookedVegetable1 cup5.32.13.2
Collards, rawVegetable1 cup1.30.50.8
Colossal Crunch (Malt-O-Meal) Cereal1 cup1.81.60.2
Complete Wheat Bran Flakes (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup6.15.60.5
Cooked ArtichokesVegetable1 large4.5--
Cooked BarleyGrain1 cup7.05.02
Coriander SeedHerb1 tsp0.70.00.7
Corn Bran, rawGrain1 oz22.0--
Corn Burst (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup1.00.90.1
Corn Chex (General Mills)Cereal1 cup1.11.00.1
Corn Chip Chips1 oz1.41.40
Corn Flakes (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup2.01.80.2
Corn Flakes (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.80.70.1
Corn Flakes (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup1.00.90.1
Corn Grits, dryVegetable1 cup2.51.90.6
Corn NutsNuts1 cup5.85.70.1
Corn Pops K-Sentials (Kellogg's) Cereal1 cup0.40.30.1
Corn, canned, drainedVegetable1 cup3.33.00.3
Corn, cookedVegetable1/2 cup2.0--
Corn, cooked frozen, whole kernelVegetable1 cup3.93.40.5
CornbreadBread1 slice1.31.10.2
Cornmeal (Quaker)Grain1 cup6.0--
Count Chocula (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.50.40.1
Country Corn Flakes (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.40.30.1
Couscous, cookedGrain1 cup
Couscous, dryGrain1 cup8.66.71.9
Cowpeas (Blackeyes), cookedVegetable1 cup11.0--
Cracked WheatGrain1 cup6.45.50.9
Cracked Wheat cookedGrain1/2 cup3.0--
Crackers, rye wafers Grain1 oz 6.0--
Cracklin' Oat Bran (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup7.86.31.5
Cranapple JuiceJuice1 cup0.20.10.1
CranberriesFruit1 cup4.03.01
Cranberries, dried (Craisins)Fruit1 cup6.04.41.6
Cranberry Beans, cookedLegume1 cup16.0--
Cranberry JuiceJuice1 cup0.30.20.1
Cream of Broccoli, undilutedSoup1 cup1.30.60.7
Cream of Celery, undilutedSoup1 cup2.01.30.7
Cream of chicken, undilutedSoup1 cup0.50.20.3
Cream of mushroom, undilutedSoup1 cup0.60.40.2
Cream of onion, undilutedSoup1 cup1.00.30.7
Cream of riceSoup1 cup0.40.30.1
Cream of Wheat, MultigrainedGrain1 cup3.01.71.3
Creamed Wheat, instantGrain1 cup1.10.60.5
Creamed Wheat, regularGrain1 cup1.20.70.5
Crepe, plainUnknown1 slice0.40.20.2
Crispbread-ryeBread1 each0.30.10.2
Crispix (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.60.50.1
Crispy Puffs (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup1.41.10.3
Crispy Rice (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup0.70.50.2
Crispy Wheaties 'N Raisins (General Mills)Cereal1 cup3.42.90.5
CroissantBread1 medium0.90.40.5
Crookneck Squash, cookedVegetable1 cup3.0--
CroutonsBread1 cup1.50.90.6
Crunchy Bran (Quaker)Bran/Cereal1 cup6.46.20.2
Cucumber, raw, with or without peelVegetable1 cup0.80.60.2
Cumin seedSpice1 tsp0.20.00.2
Currants (red and white), rawFruit1 cup5.0--
Curry PowderSpice1 tsp0.70.00.7
Danish PastryDessert1 medium1.00.40.6
Dark ChocolateChocolate1 oz1.71.60.1
DatesFruit1 cup13.411.22.2
DatesFruit3 fruits2.0--
Dill seedSeed1 tsp0.50.30.2
DIll weed, driedHerb1 tsp0.20.00.2
Double Chex (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.40.30.1
Doughnut, cakeDessert1 medium0.60.20.4
Doughnut, raise or yeastDessert1 medium0.90.40.5
Edamame, frozenLegume1 cup 6.0--
Eggplant, cookedFruit1 cup2.51.80.7
ElderberriesFruit1 cup10.28.31.9
Elderberries, rawFruit1 cup10.0--
Endive (curly), cookedVegetable1 cup5.23.71.5
Endive (curly), raw Vegetable1 cup0.90.60.3
Erewhon Apple Strudel (US MIllsCereal1 cup2.41.31.1
Erewhon Aztec (US Mills)Cereal1 cup1.20.80.4
Erewhon Banana-O's (US Mills)Cereal1 cup2.11.30.8
Erewhon Corn Flakes (US Mills) Cereal1 cup0.60.40.2
Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice (US Mills)Cereal1 cup1.31.10.2
Erewhon Galaxy Grahams (US Mills)Cereal1 cup2.92.50.4
Erewhon Poppets (US Mills)Cereal1 cup1.21.00.2
Familia Swiss Muesli - no added sugarCereal1 cup9.56.92.6
Familia Swiss Muesli - originalCereal1 cup10.07.32.7
Fat-Free Granola O's - Almond (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup3.72.51.2
Fat-Free Granola O's - Apple Cinnamon (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup3.72.51.2
Fat-Free Granola O's - Honey Crunch (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup3.72.51.2
Fennel Bulb, rawHerb1 cup2.71.71
Fennel SeedSeed1 tsp0.70.00.7
Fenugreek seedSeed1 tsp0.90.00.9
Fiber One (General Mills)Cereal1 cup27.926.61.3
Fiber One Bran CerealGrain1/2 cup14.0--
Fiber One Chewy BarsGrain1 bar9.0--
Fiber One Yoplait YogurtYogurt4 oz5.0--
FigsFruit1 cup5.82.83
Figs, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup5.72.73
Figs, driedFruit1/2 cup8.0--
Figs, dried, uncookedFruit1 cup24.316.38
FIlberts or hazelnutsNuts1 cup8.24.83.4
Filberts, rawNuts10 nuts1.0--
FlatbreadBread1 each0.20.10.1
Flax SeedSeed1 cup25.511.713.8
FlaxseedSeeds1 oz8.0--
Flour, arrowrootFlour1 cup4.34.20.1
Flour, baking mixFlour1 cup1.51.10.4
Flour, barleyFlour1 cup15.011.73.3
Flour, barley maltFlour1 cup11.59.02.5
Flour, buckwheatFlour1 cup12.010.31.7
Flour, cake or pastryFlour1 cup2.31.11.2
Flour, chickpeaFlour1 cup9.97.82.1
Flour, cornFlour1 cup10.96.14.8
Flour, peanut, defattedFlour1 cup9.56.92.6
Flour, peanut, low-fatFlour1 cup9.56.82.7
Flour, potatoFlour1 cup9.44.35.1
Flour, rice, brownFlour1 cup7.36.21.1
Flour, rice, whiteFlour1 cup3.83.00.8
Flour, ryeFlour1 cup14.910.94
Flour, soy, defattedFlour1 cup17.59.67.9
Flour, soy, full-fatFlour1 cup8.14.53.6
Flour, soy, low-fatFlour1 cup9.03.55.5
Flour, triticale, whole grainFlour1 cup19.015.53.5
Flour, white, all-purposeFlour1 cup3.41.42
Flour, whole-wheatFlour1 cup14.612.52.1
Frankenberry (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.40.40
French Beans, cookedLegume1 cup 17.0--
French ToastBread1 slice0.60.30.3
French Toast Crunch (General Mills)Cereal1 cup1.91.80.1
Froot Loops K-sentials (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.60.40.2
Frosted Cheerios (General Mills)Cereal1 cup1.40.80.6
Frosted Flakes (Malt-O-Meal) Cereal 1 cup1.51.40.1
Frosted Flakes (Quaker)Cereal1 cup2.01.90.1
Frosted Flakes K-sentials (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.80.70.1
Frosted Oats (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.10.60.5
Frosted Toasty O's (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup1.41.00.4
Fruit barFruit1 bar1.50.70.8
Fruit cocktail, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup2.51.01.5
Fruit cocktail, canned, juice packFruit1 cup2.41.01.4
Fruit cocktail, canned, water packFruit1 cup2.41.50.9
Fruit leather/rollsFruit1 oz0.50.30.2
Fruit SnacksFruit1 oz0.10.00.1
Fruitangy Oh's (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.41.30.1
Fruity Pebbles (Post)Cereal1 cup0.60.50.1
Garbanzo Beans, cooked Legume1 cup12.0--
Garlic PowderSpice1 tsp0.30.10.2
Garlic, freshSpice1 tsp0.060.00.06
Ginger (ground)Spice1 tsp0.20.00.2
Ginger root, rawSpice1 cup1.90.01.9
Gnu Foods High Fiber BarGrain1 bar12.0--
Golden Crisp (Post)Cereal1 cup0.50.20.3
Golden Flax (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup8.06.41.6
Golden Grahams (General Mills)Cereal1 cup1.31.20.1
Golden Puffs (Malt-O-Meal) Cereal1 cup1.31.10.2
GooseberriesFruit1 cup6.55.11.4
Gooseberries, cannedFruit1 cup6.04.02
Gooseberries, rawFruit1 cup6.0--
Grainfield's Brown Rice (Weetabix)Cereal1 cup1.41.20.2
Grainfield's Corn Flakes (Weetabix)Cereal1 cup1.71.50.2
Grainfield's Crispy Rice (Weetabix)Cereal1 cup0.70.60.1
Granola bars, chocolate-coveredGranola1 bar1.20.90.3
Granola bars, peanut butterGranola1 bar1.20.70.5
Granola bars, plainGranola1 bar1.00.80.2
Granola with Raisins (Quaker) 100% Natural Low FatGranola1 cup4.12.91.2
Granola- Date Almond (Health Valley) 98% fat freeGranola1 cup7.74.73
Granola- Oats & Honey & Raisins (Grist Mill) 100% NaturalGranola1 cup8.05.32.7
Granola- Oats & Honey (Grist Mill) 100% NaturalGranola1 cup7.95.32.6
Granola- Raisin Cinnamon (Health Valley) 98% fat freeGranola1 cup7.74.73
Granola- Tropical (Health Valley) 98% fat freeGranola1 cup7.74.73
Grape JuiceFruit1 cup0.30.00.3
Grape-Nuts (Post)Cereal1 cup14.012.02
GrapefruitFruit1/2 medium1.0--
Grapefruit JuiceFruit1 cup0.30.20.1
Grapefruit, canned, syrup packFruit1 cup1.00.40.6
Grapefruit, canned, water packFruit1 cup2.80.52.3
Grapefruit, white, pink or redFruit1 medium2.80.52.3
GrapesFruit1 cup1.61.00.6
Grapes, fresh without seedsFruit20 fruits1.0--
Grean Beans cannedVegetable1 Cup2.51.01.5
Great Grains Crunchy Pecan (Post)Cereal1 cup6.04.61.4
Great Grains Raisins, Dates, Pecans (Post)Cereal1 cup6.04.81.2
GritsVegetable1 cup0.60.40.2
GuavaFruit1 cup8.97.41.5
Guava rawFruit1 cup 9.0--
Halvah, plainCandy1 oz1.31.00.3
Heartland Granola- OriginalCereal1 cup8.85.23.6
Heartland Granola- RaisinCereal1 cup8.85.23.6
Hearts of palm, cannedVegetable1 cup3.50.03.5
Hearts of Palm, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Hickory nutsNuts1 cup7.75.91.8
Hominy, cannedVegetable1 cup4.12.31.8
Honey & Nut Toasty O's (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup1.91.10.8
Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted (Post)Cereal1 cup1.31.00.3
Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds (Post)Cereal1 cup1.31.00.3
Honey Crunch Corn Flakes (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.90.80.1
Honey Frosted Wheaties (General Mills)Cereal1 cup2.01.90.1
Honey Graham Oh's (Quaker)Cereal1 cup0.90.80.1
Honey Nut Cheerios (General Mills)Cereal1 cup1.61.00.6
Honey Nut Clusters (General Mills)Cereal1 cup3.02.50.5
Honey Nut Oats (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.30.70.6
Honeycomb (Post)Cereal1 cup0.30.20.1
Honeydew MelonFruit1 cup1.00.70.3
Hot Chili Pepper, red (dried), with seedsSpice1 tsp0.20.00.2
Hot Chili Pepper, red (dried), without seedsSpice1 tsp0.20.00.2
Hubbard squash, cookedVegetable1 cup7.0--
Jicama, rawRoot1 cup6.0--
Jicama/Yambean, cookedRoot1 cup2.61.51.1
Jicama/Yambean, rawRoot1 cup6.43.13.3
Just Right Fruit & Nut (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup3.02.40.6
Just Right with Crunchy Nuggets (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup2.82.40.4
Kaboom (General Mills)Cereal1 cup1.20.70.5
Kale, cookedVegetable1 cup2.61.21.4
Kale, cookedVegetable1 cup3.0--
Kale, cookedVegetable1/2 cup1.0--
Kamut Flakes (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup3.02.50.5
Kasha, cookedGrain1 cup5.34.60.7
Kidney BeansLegume1/2 cup6.0--
Kidney Beans, cookedLegume1 cup16.0--
Kidney Beans, cookedLegume1/2 cup6.03.03
Kind Bars Almond and CoconutNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Almond Cashew with flax + omega 3Nuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Almond Walnut Macadamia with Peanuts + ProteinNuts1 bar2.5--
Kind Bars Almonds and Apricots in YogurtNuts1 bar2.5--
Kind Bars Apple Cinnamon and PecanNuts1 bar2.5--
Kind Bars Blueberry Pecan + FiberNuts1 bar5.0--
Kind Bars Blueberry Vanilla and CashewNuts1 bar2.5--
Kind Bars Caramel Almond & Sea SaltNuts1 bar7.0--
Kind Bars Cashew & Ginger SpiceNuts1 bar5.0--
Kind Bars Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants with Macadamia NutsNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + AntioxidantsNuts1 bar2.5--
Kind Bars Dark Chocolate Chili AlmondNuts1 bar7.0--
Kind Bars Dark Chocolate Cinnamon PecanNuts1 bar7.0--
Kind Bars Dark Chocolate Mocha AlmondNuts1 bar7.0--
Kind Bars Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea SaltNuts1 bar7.0--
Kind Bars Fruit and Nut DelightNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Fruits and Nuts in YogurtNuts1 bar2.5--
Kind Bars Hickory SmokedNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Honey Smoked BBQNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Madagascar Vanilla AlmondNuts1 bar5.0--
Kind Bars Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea SaltNuts1 bar5.0--
Kind Bars Nut DelightNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Peanut Butter and StrawberryNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate +ProteinNuts1 bar2.5--
Kind Bars Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + antioxidantsNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Roasted JalapenoNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Thai Sweet ChiliNuts1 bar3.0--
Kind Bars Thai Sweet ChiliNuts1 bar3.0--
King Vitaman (Quaker)Cereal1 cup0.80.60.2
KiwiFruit1 medium2.62.00.6
Kix (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.60.40.2
Kohlrabi, cookedVegetable1 cup1.80.61.2
Kohlrabi, rawVegetable1 cup5.0--
Kohlrabi, rawVegetable1 cup4.91.53.4
KumquatFruit1 medium1.30.80.5
LemonFruit1 medium1.60.61
Lemon JuiceFruit1 cup1.00.20.8
Lentil, ready-to-serve canLegume1 cup7.56.41.1
Lentils, cookedLegume1 cup16.0--
Lentils, cooked from driedLegume1 cup15.614.41.2
Lettuce, icebergVegetable1 cup0.80.70.1
Lettuce, romaine or cosVegetable1 cup0.90.60.3
LicoriceCandy1 oz0.40.20.2
Life (Quaker)Cereal1 cup2.71.71
Lima Beans, cookedLegume1 cup14.0--
LoganberriesFruit1 cup7.26.50.7
Loganberries, frozenFruit1 cup8.0--
Lotus rootRoot10 slices4.0--
Low Fat Granola (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup5.84.11.7
Low Fat Granola with Raisins (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup5.43.71.7
Lucky Charms (General Mills)Cereal1 cup1.20.60.6
Macadamia nutsNuts1 cup12.59.92.6
Mace (ground) Spice1 tsp0.40.00.4
Malted Milk BallsCandy1 oz1.00.50.5
Mandarin OrangeFruit1 cup4.52.71.8
Mandarin Orange, canned, syrupFruit1 cup1.81.30.5
MangoFruit1 medium3.72.21.5
Marjoram, driedHerb1 tsp0.20.00.2
Marshmallow Alpha-Bits (Post)Cereal1 cup1.00.60.4
Marshmallow Blasted Fruit Loops K-Sentials (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.80.70.1
Marshmallow Mateys (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup1.20.60.6
Marshmallow Safari (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.30.70.6
Matzo, eggBread1 each0.80.30.5
Matzo, plainBread1 each0.80.40.4
Matzo, whole wheatBread1 each0.80.40.4
Milk Chocolate with almondsChocolate1 oz1.81.50.3
Milk Chocolate with cerealChocolate1 oz0.90.70.2
MIlk Chocolate with peanutsChocolate1 oz1.00.80.2
Milk Chocolate, plainChocolate1 oz1.00.80.2
Millet, cooked Grain1 cup6.55.31.2
Millet, dryGrain1 cup17.013.83.2
Minestrone, ready to serve canSoup1 cup3.32.21.1
Minestrone, undilutedSoup1 cup6.64.42.2
Mini-Wheats (Various Flavors) - Raisin, Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, (Kellogg's)Cereal30 biscuits6.65.61
Mini-Wheats - Frosted bite size (Kellogg's)Cereal21 biscuits5.95.00.9
Mini-Wheats - Frosted Original (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup5.95.00.9
Mini-Wheats - Strawberry (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup5.95.00.9
Miso (soybean paste) Spice1 cup0.30.20.1
Mix 'N Eat Cream of Wheat, flavoredGrain1 cup1.40.90.5
Mix 'N Eat Cream of Wheat, plainGrain1 cup0.80.40.4
Mixed nuts with peanutsNuts1 cup12.810.22.6
Mixed nuts without peanutsNuts1 cup7.96.61.3
Mixed Vegetables (peas and carrots), cannedVegetable1 cup4.53.31.2
Mixed Vegetables (peas and carrots), frozenVegetable1 cup5.03.31.7
Mixed Vegetables, cannedVegetable1 cup5.54.41.1
Mixed Vegetables, frozenVegetable1 cup8.04.23.8
Morning Traditions Blueberry Morning (Post)Cereal1 cup1.61.40.2
Morning Traditions Cranberry Almond Crunch (Post)Cereal1 cup3.02.40.6
Mountain House Granola With Blueberries (Oregon Freeze Dry)Granola1 cup7.94.73.2
Mueslix (Kellogg's)Cereal 1 cup6.04.51.5
Muffins, blueberryBread1 medium0.90.50.4
Muffins, branBread1 medium2.62.30.3
Muffins, carrotBread1 medium1.21.00.2
Muffins, English, whiteBread1 each1.51.10.4
Muffins, English, whole wheatBread1 each4.43.60.8
Muffins, oat bran or oatmealBread1 medium1.20.60.6
Multi Grain Cheerios Plus (General Mills)Cereal1 cup1.91.50.4
Multi Grain Flakes (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup2.92.30.6
Multi-Bran Chex (General Mills)Cereal1 cup8.06.41.6
Multigrain or Granola BreadGrain1 slice2.0--
Mung Beans, cookedLegume1 cup15.0--
Mushrooms, cannedFungus1 cup3.73.40.3
Mushrooms, cooked freshFungus1 cup3.43.10.3
Mushrooms, rawFungus1 cup0.80.70.1
Mustard greens, cookedVegetable1 cup5.0--
Nature O's (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup3.01.91.1
Nature Valley Low Fat Fruit Granola (General Mills)Cereal1 cup5.12.92.2
Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat BreadGrain1 slice5.0--
Navy Beans, cookedLegume1 cup19.0--
NectarineFruit1 medium2.21.40.8
Northern Beans, cookedLegume1/2 cup5.50.55
NutmegSpice1 tsp0.50.00.5
Nutri-Grain - Almond Raisin (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup3.22.90.3
Oat BranBran1 cup5.73.02.7
Oat Bran BagelBread1 Medium2.01.01
Oat Bran Flakes (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup3.51.91.6
Oat Bran Ready to Eat (Quaker)Bran1 cup4.82.82
Oat Bran, rawBran1 oz12.0--
Oatmeal CookedGrain1/2 cup2.01.01
Oatmeal Crisp - Almond (General Mills)Cereal1 cup4.33.11.2
Oatmeal Crisp - Raisin (General Mills)Cereal1 cup3.52.51
Oatmeal Squares (Quaker)Cereal1 cup4.22.51.7
Oatmeal Squares - Cinnamon (Quaker)Cereal1 cup5.03.02
Oatmeal, dryGrain1 cup8.64.64
Oatmeal, instant, flavoredGrain1 cup3.11.61.5
Oatmeal, instant, plainGrain1 cup3.92.11.8
Oatmeal, regularGrain1 cup4.02.11.9
Oats (old-fashioned), dryGrain1/2 cup4.0--
Okra, cookedVegetable1 cup5.13.12
Onion Flavored RingsVegetable1 oz1.71.60.1
Onion, (French) undilutedVegetable1 cup3.11.41.7
Onion, white, yellow, or red, cookedVegetable1 cup2.90.82.1
Onion, white, yellow, or red, rawVegetable1 cup2.91.11.8
OrangeFruit1 medium3.11.31.8
Orange JuiceJuice1 cup0.50.30.2
OreganoSpice1 tsp0.60.00.6
Oreo O's (Post)Cereal1 cup0.90.60.3
Organic Amaranth Flakes (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup5.64.90.7
Organic Blue Corn Flakes (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup5.55.30.2
Organic Crisp Brown Rice (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup2.21.90.3
Organic Fiber 7 Flakes (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup7.05.91.1
Organic Oat Bran Flakes (ArrowHead Mills)Cereal1 cup4.03.30.7
Organic Oat Bran Flakes with Raisins (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup4.03.01
Organic Oat Bran O's (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup3.02.01
Pancake, white flour, frozenPancake1 medium0.60.40.2
Pancake, white flour, mixPancake1 medium0.50.30.2
Pancake, whole wheatPancake1 medium1.81.60.2
Papaya Fruit1 cup2.51.31.2
Papaya JuiceJuice1 cup1.50.80.7
PaprikaSpice1 tsp0.50.00.5
Parsley, driedSpice1 tsp0.20.10.1
Parsnip, cookedVegetable1 cup6.22.63.6
Parsnips, cookedVegetable1/2 cup4.0--
Passion FruitFruit1 medium1.90.51.4
Passion Fruit JuiceJuice1 cup0.50.20.3
Pasta, macaroni noodles, white, cookedPasta1 cup1.80.71.1
Pasta, macaroni noodles, whole wheat, cookedPasta1 cup3.93.10.8
Pasta, noodles, cellophane, cookedPasta1 cup1.61.20.4
Pasta, noodles, Chinese, soft-type, cookedPasta1 cup2.30.91.4
Pasta, noodles, chow fun rice, cookedPasta1 cup1.61.20.4
Pasta, noodles, chow mein, crisp typePasta1 cup1.80.71.1
Pasta, noodles, egg, cookedPasta1 cup1.81.00.8
Pasta, noodles, whole wheat cookedPasta1 cup4.53.51
Pasta, noodles. rice, cookedPasta1 cup1.81.40.4
Pasta, spaghetti noodles, white, cookedPasta1 cup1.80.71.1
Pasta, spaghetti noodles, whole wheat, cookedPasta1 cup3.93.10.8
Pea (green) undiluted Vegetable1 cup17.615.22.4
Peach Fruit1 medium2.01.20.8
Peach nectarJuice1 cup1.50.41.1
Peach, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup3.42.01.4
Peach, canned, water packFruit1 cup3.22.01.2
Peach, driedFruit1 cup13.17.06.1
Peach, dried, cooked, unsweetenedFruit1 cup7.03.83.2
Peach, freshFruit1 medium2.01.01
Peaches, driedFruit1/4 cup3.0--
Peanut ButterNuts1 TBSP1.00.70.3
PeanutsNuts1 cup13.210.52.7
Peanuts, dry roastedNuts1/4 cup3.0--
PearFruit1 medium4.01.82.2
Pear, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup4.32.02.3
Pear, canned, water packFruit1 cup3.93.10.8
Pear, driedFruit1 cup13.58.15.4
Pear, dried, cooked, unsweetenedFruit1 cup16.37.58.8
Pearl Barley, cookedGrain1/2 cup5.03.02
Peas (edible podded), cooked Vegetable1 cup5.0--
Peas, cooked Legume1/2 cup 6.05.01
Peas, cowpeas, cooked driedVegetable1 cup11.29.81.4
Peas, cowpeas, cooked freshVegetable1 cup8.37.40.9
Peas, green peas, cannedVegetable1 cup7.06.10.9
Peas, green peas, cookedVegetable1 cup8.86.22.6
Peas, green, frozenVegetable1 cup7.0--
Peas, snow peas, cookedVegetable1 cup4.53.41.1
Peas, split, cookedVegetable1 cup16.0--
Peas, split, yellow, green, cannedVegetable1 cup16.314.12.2
Peas, split, yellow, green, cooked driedVegetable1 cup16.314.12.2
PecansNuts1 cup8.26.61.6
Pepper (ground), blackSpice1 tsp0.60.00.6
Pepper (ground), redSpice1 tsp0.50.00.5
Pepper (ground), whiteSpice1 tsp0.60.00.6
Peppers, green -sweet, cookedVegetable1 cup2.20.71.5
Peppers, green-sweet, rawVegetable1 cup2.71.61.1
Peppers, hot chili, green, cannedVegetable1 cup2.40.81.6
Peppers, hot chili, green, cooked freshVegetable1 cup2.00.71.3
Peppers, hot chili, green, rawVegetable1 cup2.31.40.9
Peppers, hot chili, red, cannedVegetable1 cup1.80.61.2
Peppers, hot chili, red, cooked freshVegetable1 cup2.11.30.8
Peppers, hot chili, red, rawVegetable1 cup2.31.40.9
Peppers, jalapeno, cannedVegetable1 cup3.51.22.3
Peppers, jalapeno, cooked freshVegetable1 cup3.92.41.5
Peppers, jalapeno, rawVegetable1 cup2.51.51
Peppers, red-sweet, cookedVegetable1 cup2.20.91.3
Peppers, red-sweet, rawVegetable1 cup3.01.91.1
Peppers, yellow-sweet, cookedVegetable1 cup1.71.10.6
Peppers, yellow-sweet, rawVegetable1 cup1.30.80.5
PersimmonFruit1 medium6.15.30.8
Persimmons, rawFruit1 fruit6.0--
Pickles, bread-and-butterVegetable1 cup1.81.40.4
Pickles, dillVegetable1 cup1.71.40.3
Pickles, sweet, gherkinsVegetable1 cup1.71.30.4
Pigeon Peas, cookedVegetable1 cup9.0--
Pigeon Peas, cookedLegume1/2 cup6.0--
Pine nuts - pignoliasNuts1 cup14.613.11.5
Pine nuts - pinyonNuts1 cup13.912.51.4
PineappleFruit1 cup1.91.70.2
Pineapple JuiceJuice1 cup0.50.30.2
Pineapple, canned, juice packFruit1 cup2.01.50.5
Pineapple, canned, light syrupFruit1 cup2.01.50.5
Pineapples, freshFruit1/2 cup1.0--
Pinon nutsNuts1 oz12.0--
Pinto Beans, cookedLegume1/2 cup7.05.02
Pinto Beans, cookedLegume1 cup15.0--
Pistachio nutsNuts1 oz3.0--
Pistachio nutsNuts1 cup13.810.43.4
Pita, whiteBread1 medium1.00.50.5
Pita, whole wheatBread1 medium3.32.60.7
Plantains, boiled or bakedFruit1 cup3.52.80.7
PlumFruit1 cup2.51.21.3
Plum, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup2.61.21.4
Plum, driedFruit3 fruits2.0--
Plum, freshFruit5 small4.0--
PlumsFruit1 medium1.50.51
PomegranateFruit1 medium1.00.80.2
Popcorn, air poppedGrain3 cups4.0--
Poppy seedsSeeds1 cup12.71.411.3
Post Toasties (Post)Cereal1 cup0.40.30.1
Potato, baked with skinVegetable1 medium3.0--
Potato, baked, without skinVegetable1 cup1.90.61.3
Potato, boiled, with skinVegetable1 cup3.01.81.2
Potato, boiled, without skinVegetable1 cup2.81.21.6
Potato, cannedVegetable1 cup4.51.03.5
Potato,baked, with skinVegetable1 cup2.91.71.2
PruneFruit1 cup12.15.66.5
Prune JuiceJuice1 cup2.61.31.3
Prune, cooked, unsweetenedFruit1 cup16.412.24.2
Prunes, driedFruit1 cup12.0--
Psyllium SeedsSeeds1 TBSP6.01.05
Puffed Corn (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup0.40.30.1
Puffed Corn (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup1.81.70.1
Puffed Kamut (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup1.51.30.2
Puffed Millet (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup2.62.20.4
Puffed RIce (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup0.50.40.1
Puffed Rice (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup0.40.30.1
Puffed Rice (Quaker)Cereal1 cup0.30.20.1
Puffed Wheat (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup2.42.00.4
Puffed Wheat (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup1.41.20.2
Puffed Wheat (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.10.60.5
Pumpkin or squash seedsSeeds1 cup8.86.42.4
Pumpkin, cannedVegetable1 cup7.16.11
Quinoa, cookedGrain1 cup9.38.11.2
Quinoa, dryGrain1 cup9.38.01.3
Radish, rawVegetable1 cup1.91.40.5
Raisin Bran (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup8.27.21
Raisin Nut Bran (General Mills)Cereal1 cup5.14.40.7
RaisinsFruit1 cup6.24.51.7
RaspberriesFruit1 cup8.47.50.9
Raspberries, Frozen, sweetenedFruit1 cup11.09.81.2
Real Oat Bran - Almond Crunch (Health Valley)Cereal1 cup9.65.24.4
Red Cabbage, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Red Potato, flesh and skinVegetable1 medium3.0--
Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.50.40.1
Rhubarb, cooked, sweetenedVegetable1 cup3.42.21.2
Rhubarb, cooked, unsweetenedVegetable1 cup3.42.21.2
Rice Bran, rawGrain1 oz6.0--
Rice Chex (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.80.60.2
Rice Krispies K-Sentials (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup0.30.20.1
Rice Krispies Treats (Kellogg's) Dessert1 cup0.40.30.1
Rice, Brown, CookedGrain1/2 cup2.0--
Rice, brown, cookedGrain1 cup3.53.30.2
Rice, white, instant (precooked), cookedGrain1 cup0.70.50.2
Rice, white, parboiled (converted), cookedGrain1 cup0.70.50.2
Rice, white, regular cooking, cookedGrain1 cup0.60.50.1
Rolls, cracked wheatBread1 medium1.51.10.4
Rolls, crescent (refrigerated dough)Bread1 each0.50.20.3
Rolls, french or ViennaBread1 medium1.20.50.7
Rolls, hamburger, wheatBread1 medium1.81.30.5
Rolls, hamburger, whiteBread1 medium1.20.80.4
Rolls, hamburger, whole wheatBread1 medium2.82.50.3
Rolls, hardBread1 medium1.20.80.4
Rolls, hot dogBread 1 each1.20.80.4
Rolls, KaiserBread1 medium1.20.80.4
Rolls, multigrainBread1 medium1.51.10.4
Rolls, oat branBread1 medium1.50.70.8
Rolls, OatmealBread1 medium1.10.50.6
Rolls, PumpernickelBread 1 medium2.11.01.1
Rolls, ryeBread1 medium2.11.01.1
Rolls, sourdoughBread1 medium1.20.40.8
Rolls, Submarine, hoagie Bread 1 medium2.82.00.8
Rolls, wheatBread1 medium1.51.10.4
Rolls, whiteBread1 medium1.10.70.4
Rolls, whole wheatBread1 medium2.52.10.4
Rosemary, driedSpice1 tsp0.50.00.5
Russet Potato, flesh and skinVegetable1 medium4.0--
Rutabagas, cookedVegetable1 cup3.12.60.5
Rye Flour, dryGrain1/4 cup7.0--
S'Mores Grahams (General Mills)Cereal1 cup1.11.00.1
Salted nut rollBread1 oz1.61.30.3
SapodillaFruit1 medium13.99.04.9
SauerkrautVegetable1 cup5.93.92
Savory (ground)Spice1 tsp0.70.00.7
Savoy Cabbage, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Scallions or spring onions, cookedVegetable1 cup5.52.62.9
Scallions or spring onions, rawVegetable1 cup2.61.01.6
SconeBread1 medium0.70.40.3
Sesame seedsSeed1 cup11.78.82.9
Shredded WheatGrain2/3 cup3.02.70.3
Shredded Wheat (Nabisco)Bread1 biscuit2.31.90.4
Shredded Wheat (Quaker)Bread1 biscuit2.01.70.3
Shredded Wheat Spoon Size (Nabisco)Grain1 cup4.84.00.8
Shredded Wheat'n Bran (Nabisco)Frain1 cup6.25.40.8
Silk Soy Milk Plus FiberSoy Milk1 cup5.0--
Skinner's Corn Flakes (US Mills)Cereal1 cup3.02.90.1
Smacks (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup1.31.00.3
Smart Start (Kellogg's)Cereal1 cup2.31.90.4
SorghumVegetable1 cup26.518.58
Spaghetti (whole wheat), cookedGrain1 cup6.0--
Spaghetti NoodlesGrain1 cup2.0--
Spaghetti Noodles, whole wheatGrain1 cup4.0--
Spaghetti squash, cookedVegetable1 cup2.0--
Special K (Kelloggs')Cereal1 cup0.90.60.3
Spelt Flakes (Arrowhead Mills)Cereal1 cup3.12.70.4
Spinach, cannedVegetable1 cup5.13.81.3
Spinach, cooked freshVegetable1 cup5.44.31.1
Spinach, cooked frozenVegetable1 cup6.14.91.2
Spinach, rawVegetable1 cup0.80.60.2
Split Pea with bacon, ham, pork, ready to serve canSoup1 cup8.27.01.2
Split Pea with ham or bacon, undilutedSoup1 cup16.514.12.4
Split Pea, vegetarian, ready to serve canSoup1 cup8.87.61.2
Sprouts, acorn, cookedVegetable1 cup10.84.66.2
Sprouts, alfalfaVegetable1 cup0.80.60.2
Sprouts, mung bean, cannedVegetable1 cup1.00.50.5
Sprouts, mung bean, cooked freshVegetable1 cup1.00.40.6
Sprouts, soybean, rawVegetable1 cup0.80.40.4
Squash, butternut, cookedVegetable1 cup3.31.91.4
Squash, chayote, cookedVegetable1 cup4.53.51
Squash, hubbard, cookedVegetable1 cup6.62.83.8
Squash, spaghetti, cookedVegetable1 cup2.21.01.2
Squash, summer (Green or Yellow) cookedVegetable1 cup2.52.00.5
Squash, summer (Green or Yellow) rawVegetable1 cup1.51.20.3
Squash, summer, cookedVegetable1/2 cup1.0--
Squash, winter (dark green or orange, cookedVegetable1 cup6.72.93.8
Squash, winter, cookedVegetable1/2 cup3.0--
Squash, zucchini, cookedVegetable1 cup2.51.41.1
Squash, zucchini, rawVegetable1 cup1.40.80.6
Starfruit (carambola), rawFruit1 cup4.0--
Straw Mushrooms, cannedFungus1 cup5.0--
Strawberries, freshFruit1 cup4.0--
Strawberries, frozen, sweetenedFruit1 cup4.83.81
Summer scallop squash, cookedVegetable1 cup5.0--
Sun Country Granola with Almonds (Quaker)Granola1 cup5.93.52.4
Sun Country Granola with Raisins and Dates (Quaker)Granola1 cup7.24.32.9
Sunflower butterSeeds1 TBSP1.30.80.5
Sunflower seedsSeeds1 cup13.410.72.7
Sweet Crunch (Quaker)Cereal1 cup1.00.90.1
Sweet Potato, canned, syrup packedVegetable1 cup5.92.33.6
Sweet Potato, canned, vacuum packedVegetable1 cup3.62.21.4
Sweet Potato, cookedVegetable1 cup7.64.82.8
Sweet Potato, cookedVegetable1/2 medium2.0--
Sweet Potato, flesh and skinVegetable1 medium4.0--
Sweet RollDessert1 medium1.10.40.7
Swiss Chard, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Taco Shell, hardBread1 each1.00.80.2
Tahini (sesame butter)Seeds1 TBSP1.41.10.3
TapiocaRoot1 cup1.41.20.2
Taro, slicedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Tarragon (Ground)Spice1 tsp0.10.00.1
Teff, dryGrain1 cup26.721.75
Tempeh (fermented soybean product)Legume1 oz2.91.61.3
Textured Vegetable Protein, dryVegetable1 cup9.26.62.6
Thyme (ground)Spice1 tsp0.50.00.5
Toasted Oatmeal - Honey Nut (Quaker)Cereal1 cup3.32.31
Toasted Oatmeal - Original (Quaker)Cereal1 cup3.02.01
Toaster pastry or Pop-TartDessert1 each1.10.50.6
Toasty O's (Malt-O-Meal) Cereal1 cup2.41.31.1
Tofu (soybean curd)Legume1 oz0.20.10.1
Tomatillo, rawVegetable1 cup2.52.30.2
Tomato JuiceJuice1 cup1.00.50.5
Tomato pasteVegetable1 cup10.78.62.1
Tomato pureeVegetable1 cup5.03.02
Tomato, cannedVegetable1 cup2.41.41
Tomato, green, rawVegetable1 cup2.01.80.2
Tomato, orange, rawVegetable1 cup1.41.30.1
Tomato, rawVegetable1 medium1.0--
Tomato, ready to serve canVegetable1 cup1.10.80.3
Tomato, sun-dried, dry packVegetable1 cup6.66.00.6
Tomato, sun-dried, oil packVegetable1 cup6.45.80.6
Tomato, undilutedVegetable1 cup2.21.60.6
Tomato, yellow, rawVegetable1 cup1.00.90.1
Tootie Fruities (Malt-O-Meal)Cereal1 cup1.00.70.3
Tortilla, cornBread1 each1.41.20.2
Tortilla, white flourBread1 each1.41.00.4
Total (General Mills)Cereal1 cup3.53.00.5
Total Corn Flakes (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.50.50
Total Raisin Bran (General Mills)Cereal1 cup5.04.40.6
Trail mixDessert1 cup11.19.12
Triticale, flour, dryGrain1/4 cup5.0--
Trix (General Mills)Cereal1 cup0.70.60.1
Tropicana Orange Juice with FiberJuice1 cup3.0--
Turmeric (Ground)Spice1 tsp0.50.00.5
Turnip Greens, cannedVegetable1 cup3.11.81.3
Turnip Greens, cookedVegetable1 cup5.02.82.2
Turnip, cookedVegetable1 cup3.12.01.1
Vegetable beef, ready to serve canSoup1 cup1.61.10.5
Vegetable beef, ready to serve can, chunky styleSoup1 cup3.32.21.1
Vegetable beef, undilutedSoup1 cup3.22.21
Vegetable BurgerVegetable1 oz0.70.40.3
Vegetable juiceJuice1 cup2.01.50.5
Vegetable, ready to serve canSoup1 cup3.22.21
Vita Crunch Granola - Almond (Organic Milling Company)Granola1 cup5.33.51.8
Vita Crunch Granola - Light and Crunchy 7 Grain (OMC)Granola1 cup4.93.21.7
Vita Crunch Granola - Raisin (OMC)Granola1 cup4.93.21.7
Vita Crunch Granola - Tropical (OMC)Granola1 cup5.33.51.8
Waffle Crisp (Post)Cereal1 cup1.51.10.4
Wafflers - Cinnamon, maple, original, vanilla nut (US Mills)Cereal1 cup1.91.60.3
Waffles, white flour, frozenDessert1 each0.50.20.3
Waffles, white flour, home recipeDessert1 each1.00.40.6
WalnutsNuts1 cup5.84.01.8
Wasa Crispbread, Fiber RyeGrain2 slices4.0--
Water Chestnuts, cannedNuts1 cup3.11.81.3
Watercress, rawVegetable1 cup0.50.20.3
WatermelonFruit1 cup1.40.80.6
Weetabix Cereal1 cup2.01.70.3
Weight Watcher's Flakes 'N FiberGrain1/2 cup9.0--
Wheat berries, dryGrain1/4 cup5.0--
Wheat Bran, rawGrain1 oz12.0--
Wheat Chex (General Mills)Cereal1 cup5.64.80.8
Wheat flour (Whole wheat), dryGrain1/4 cup4.0--
Wheat PastaGrain1 cup6.3--
Wheat, cracked whole wheatGrain1 cup16.514.02.5
Wheat, germGrain1 cup14.611.03.6
Wheat, glutenGrain1 cup12.4--
Wheat, speltGrain1 cup13.712.11.6
Wheat, sproutedGrain1 cup1.21.00.2
Wheaties (General Mills)Cereal1 cup2.11.40.7
White Beans, small, cookedLegume1 cup19.0--
White BreadGrain1 slice1.0--
White Chocolate Chocolate1 cup0.00.00
Whole Wheat BagelBread1 Medium2.60.81.8
Whole Wheat BreadGrain1 slice2.0--
Wild rice, cookedGrain1 cup2.92.60.3
Yams, canned, syrup packed, drainedVegetable1 cup5.92.33.6
Yams, canned, vacuum packedVegetable1 cup3.62.21.4
Yams, cookedVegetable1 cup7.64.82.8
Yeast, baking - active dryBread1 cup2.5--
Yellow Beans, cookedLegume1 cup 18.0--
Zucchini squash, cookedVegetable1 cup3.0--

Remember to always drink plenty of water when adding any of these new high fiber foods into your diet. If you add fiber too quickly to your diet it can lead to an increase in bloating, excess gas, and other symptoms. Remember to do everything in moderation and add items to your diet slowly over time.

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As always, thanks for reading and stay healthy!