Craving Chocolate? You are in luck! Chocolate is used as a topping for many different foods that are high in fiber! Check out the table below for some great ideas!


Food ItemFood TypeServingTotal FiberInsoluble Fiber Soluble Fiber
Baking ChocolateChocolate1 oz4.04.00
Chocolate-covered almonds Chocolate1 oz2.52.20.3
Milk Chocolate with almondsChocolate1 oz1.81.50.3
Dark ChocolateChocolate1 oz1.71.60.1
Chocolate-covered coconutChocolate1 oz1.61.50.1
Chocolate-covered toffee with nutsChocolate 1 oz1.51.30.2
Chocolate-covered peanutsChocolate1 oz1.31.00.3
Chocolate-covered raisinsChocolate1 oz1.21.00.2
Chocolate-covered caramel and peanutsChocolate1 oz1.00.80.2
MIlk Chocolate with peanutsChocolate1 oz1.00.80.2
Milk Chocolate, plainChocolate1 oz1.00.80.2
Chocolate-covered peanut butterChocolate1 oz0.90.70.2
Milk Chocolate with cerealChocolate1 oz0.90.70.2
Chocolate-covered caramel, peanuts, and nougatChocolate1 oz0.80.60.2
Chocolate-covered toffeeChocolate1 oz0.70.60.1
Chocolate-covered toffeeChocolate1 oz0.70.60.1
Cocoa powder, unsweetenedChocolate1 tsp0.60.50.1
Chocolate-covered caramel and nougatChocolate1 oz0.50.40.1
Chocolate-covered creamChocolate1 oz0.50.40.1
Chocolate-covered fondantChocolate1 oz0.50.40.1
Chocolate-covered caramelChocolate1 oz0.30.20.1
Chocolate-covered CherryChocolate1 oz0.30.20.1
Chocolate-covered marshmallowChocolate1 oz0.30.20.1
White Chocolate Chocolate1 cup0.00.00