The table below illustrates the fiber content of common Fruits.


Food ItemFood TypeServingTotal FiberInsoluble Fiber Soluble Fiber
Coconut, freshFruit/Nut1 Medium35.731.83.9
Figs, dried, uncookedFruit1 cup24.316.38
Prune, cooked, unsweetenedFruit1 cup16.412.24.2
Pear, dried, cooked, unsweetenedFruit1 cup16.37.58.8
SapodillaFruit1 medium13.99.04.9
Pear, driedFruit1 cup13.58.15.4
DatesFruit1 cup13.411.22.2
Peach, driedFruit1 cup13.17.06.1
Coconut unsweetenedFruit/Nut1 cup13.011.91.1
PruneFruit1 cup12.15.66.5
Prunes, driedFruit1 cup12.0--
BreadfruitFruit1 cup11.0--
Raspberries, Frozen, sweetenedFruit1 cup11.09.81.2
ElderberriesFruit1 cup10.28.31.9
Elderberries, rawFruit1 cup10.0--
Avocado, rawFruit1/2 fruit9.0--
Guava rawFruit1 cup 9.0--
GuavaFruit1 cup8.97.41.5
RaspberriesFruit1 cup8.47.50.9
Apple, driedFruit1 cup8.04.04
Blackberries, rawFruit1 cup8.0--
Figs, driedFruit1/2 cup8.0--
Loganberries, frozenFruit1 cup8.0--
BlackberriesFruit1 cup7.66.21.4
LoganberriesFruit1 cup7.26.50.7
Boysenberries, frozenFruit1 cup7.0--
Peach, dried, cooked, unsweetenedFruit1 cup7.03.83.2
GooseberriesFruit1 cup6.55.11.4
RaisinsFruit1 cup6.24.51.7
PersimmonFruit1 medium6.15.30.8
Cranberries, dried (Craisins)Fruit1 cup6.04.41.6
Gooseberries, cannedFruit1 cup6.04.02
Gooseberries, rawFruit1 cup6.0--
Persimmons, rawFruit1 fruit6.0--
FigsFruit1 cup5.82.83
Figs, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup5.72.73
Apple, baked with skin, sweetenedFruit1 medium5.04.01
Apple, baked with skin, unsweetenedFruit1 medium5.04.01
Currants (red and white), rawFruit1 cup5.0--
Strawberries, frozen, sweetenedFruit1 cup4.83.81
Mandarin OrangeFruit1 cup4.52.71.8
Pear, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup4.32.02.3
AppleFruit1 medium4.03.01
Apple, with skinFruit1 medium4.03.01
ApricotFruit1 cup4.02.02
Asian pear, rawFruit1 fruit4.0--
Blueberries, freshFruit1 cup4.0--
Blueberries, rawFruit1 cup4.0--
Chayote fruit, cookedFruit1 cup4.0--
CranberriesFruit1 cup4.03.01
PearFruit1 medium4.01.82.2
Plum, freshFruit5 small4.0--
Starfruit (carambola), rawFruit1 cup4.0--
Strawberries, freshFruit1 cup4.0--
Pear, canned, water packFruit1 cup3.93.10.8
Cherries, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup3.82.71.1
MangoFruit1 medium3.72.21.5
Plantains, boiled or bakedFruit1 cup3.52.80.7
Peach, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup3.42.01.4
CherriesFruit1 cup3.32.31
Coconut sweetened Fruit/Nut1 cup3.33.00.3
Peach, canned, water packFruit1 cup3.22.01.2
OrangeFruit1 medium3.11.31.8
Applesauce, canned, sweetenedFruit1 cup3.02.01
Applesauce, canned, unsweetened Fruit1 cup3.02.01
Apricot, freshFruit3 fruits3.0--
BananaFruit1 Medium3.01.02
Peaches, driedFruit1/4 cup3.0--
Carambola (starfruit)Fruit1 cup2.91.61.3
Grapefruit, canned, water packFruit1 cup2.80.52.3
Grapefruit, white, pink or redFruit1 medium2.80.52.3
KiwiFruit1 medium2.62.00.6
Plum, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup2.61.21.4
Citrus fruit (Orange, Grapefruit)Fruit1 medium2.51.51
Eggplant, cookedFruit1 cup2.51.80.7
Fruit cocktail, canned, heavy syrupFruit1 cup2.51.01.5
Papaya Fruit1 cup2.51.31.2
PlumFruit1 cup2.51.21.3
Fruit cocktail, canned, juice packFruit1 cup2.41.01.4
Fruit cocktail, canned, water packFruit1 cup2.41.50.9
NectarineFruit1 medium2.21.40.8
Apple, without skinFruit1 medium2.01.01
Apricot, driedFruit5 half2.0--
Cherries, freshFruit10 fruits2.0--
DatesFruit3 fruits2.0--
Peach Fruit1 medium2.01.20.8
Peach, freshFruit1 medium2.01.01
Pineapple, canned, juice packFruit1 cup2.01.50.5
Pineapple, canned, light syrupFruit1 cup2.01.50.5
Plum, driedFruit3 fruits2.0--
Passion FruitFruit1 medium1.90.51.4
PineappleFruit1 cup1.91.70.2
Mandarin Orange, canned, syrupFruit1 cup1.81.30.5
GrapesFruit1 cup1.61.00.6
LemonFruit1 medium1.60.61
Fruit barFruit1 bar1.50.70.8
PlumsFruit1 medium1.50.51
Cherries, maraschinoFruit1 cup1.41.00.4
WatermelonFruit1 cup1.40.80.6
CantaloupeFruit1 cup1.31.00.3
KumquatFruit1 medium1.30.80.5
GrapefruitFruit1/2 medium1.0--
Grapefruit, canned, syrup packFruit1 cup1.00.40.6
Grapes, fresh without seedsFruit20 fruits1.0--
Honeydew MelonFruit1 cup1.00.70.3
Lemon JuiceFruit1 cup1.00.20.8
Pineapples, freshFruit1/2 cup1.0--
PomegranateFruit1 medium1.00.80.2
Fruit leather/rollsFruit1 oz0.50.30.2
Grape JuiceFruit1 cup0.30.00.3
Grapefruit JuiceFruit1 cup0.30.20.1
Fruit SnacksFruit1 oz0.10.00.1