The table below illustrates the fiber content of granola items.


Food ItemFood TypeServingTotal FiberInsoluble Fiber Soluble Fiber
Granola- Oats & Honey & Raisins (Grist Mill) 100% NaturalGranola1 cup8.05.32.7
Granola- Oats & Honey (Grist Mill) 100% NaturalGranola1 cup7.95.32.6
Mountain House Granola With Blueberries (Oregon Freeze Dry)Granola1 cup7.94.73.2
Granola- Date Almond (Health Valley) 98% fat freeGranola1 cup7.74.73
Granola- Raisin Cinnamon (Health Valley) 98% fat freeGranola1 cup7.74.73
Granola- Tropical (Health Valley) 98% fat freeGranola1 cup7.74.73
Sun Country Granola with Raisins and Dates (Quaker)Granola1 cup7.24.32.9
Sun Country Granola with Almonds (Quaker)Granola1 cup5.93.52.4
Vita Crunch Granola - Almond (Organic Milling Company)Granola1 cup5.33.51.8
Vita Crunch Granola - Tropical (OMC)Granola1 cup5.33.51.8
Vita Crunch Granola - Light and Crunchy 7 Grain (OMC)Granola1 cup4.93.21.7
Vita Crunch Granola - Raisin (OMC)Granola1 cup4.93.21.7
Granola with Raisins (Quaker) 100% Natural Low FatGranola1 cup4.12.91.2
Granola bars, chocolate-coveredGranola1 bar1.20.90.3
Granola bars, peanut butterGranola1 bar1.20.70.5
Granola bars, plainGranola1 bar1.00.80.2