The table below illustrates the fiber content of common legumes (beans!)


Food ItemFood TypeServingTotal FiberInsoluble Fiber Soluble Fiber
Beans, soybeans, roastedLegume1 cup30.416.713.7
Black Turtle Beans, cookedLegume1 cup28.0--
Navy Beans, cookedLegume1 cup19.0--
White Beans, small, cookedLegume1 cup19.0--
Yellow Beans, cookedLegume1 cup 18.0--
Adzuki Beans, cookedLegume1 cup17.0--
French Beans, cookedLegume1 cup 17.0--
Cranberry Beans, cookedLegume1 cup16.0--
Kidney Beans, cookedLegume1 cup16.0--
Lentils, cookedLegume1 cup16.0--
Lentils, cooked from driedLegume1 cup15.614.41.2
Mung Beans, cookedLegume1 cup15.0--
Pinto Beans, cookedLegume1 cup15.0--
Beans, Pinto, cooked driedLegume1 cup14.710.93.8
Lima Beans, cookedLegume1 cup14.0--
Beans, Refried, cannedLegume1 cup13.49.24.2
Beans, Lima, cooked dryLegume1 cup13.26.27
Beans, baked with pork in brown sugarLegume1 cup13.08.05
Beans, baked, vegetarian Legume1 cup13.08.05
Beans, garbanzoLegume1 cup12.510.02.5
Beans, baked with pork in tomato sauce Legume1 cup12.07.05
Garbanzo Beans, cooked Legume1 cup12.0--
Beans, Navy, cooked driedLegume1 cup11.77.34.4
Beans, kidney, cooked dryLegume1 cup11.45.75.7
Beans, Northern, cooked driedLegume1 cup11.18.32.8
Beans with bacon, undilutedLegume1 cup10.58.02.5
Beans, Soybeans, cooked driedLegume1 cup10.35.74.6
Beans, Lima, Cooked frozenLegume1 cup9.97.22.7
Broad Beans (Fava), cookedLegume1 cup9.0--
Beans, Soybeans, green cookedLegume1 cup7.64.23.4
Lentil, ready-to-serve canLegume1 cup7.56.41.1
Pinto Beans, cookedLegume1/2 cup7.05.02
Black Beans, UndilutedLegume1 cup6.85.11.7
Beans, BakedLegume1/2 cup6.0--
Beans, bayo, cookedLegume1 cup6.04.02
Edamame, frozenLegume1 cup 6.0--
Kidney BeansLegume1/2 cup6.0--
Kidney Beans, cookedLegume1/2 cup6.03.03
Peas, cooked Legume1/2 cup 6.05.01
Pigeon Peas, cookedLegume1/2 cup6.0--
Black Beans, cookedLegume1/2 cup5.53.52
Northern Beans, cookedLegume1/2 cup5.50.55
Beans (with bacon, ham or pork)Legume1 cup5.04.01
Beans, green or string, cooked frozenLegume1 cup4.12.31.8
Beans, wax or yellow, cooked frozenLegume1 cup4.12.31.8
Beans, green or string, cooked freshLegume1 cup3.72.11.6
Beans, wax or yellow, cooked freshLegume1 cup3.72.11.6
Tempeh (fermented soybean product)Legume1 oz2.91.61.3
Beans, green or string, cannedLegume1 cup2.61.61
Beans, wax or yellow, cannedLegume1 cup1.70.80.9
Tofu (soybean curd)Legume1 oz0.20.10.1