The table below illustrates the fiber content of popular soups.


Food ItemFood TypeServingTotal FiberInsoluble Fiber Soluble Fiber
Split Pea with ham or bacon, undilutedSoup1 cup16.514.12.4
Split Pea, vegetarian, ready to serve canSoup1 cup8.87.61.2
Split Pea with bacon, ham, pork, ready to serve canSoup1 cup8.27.01.2
Minestrone, undilutedSoup1 cup6.64.42.2
Minestrone, ready to serve canSoup1 cup3.32.21.1
Vegetable beef, ready to serve can, chunky styleSoup1 cup3.32.21.1
Vegetable beef, undilutedSoup1 cup3.22.21
Vegetable, ready to serve canSoup1 cup3.22.21
Cream of Celery, undilutedSoup1 cup2.01.30.7
Vegetable beef, ready to serve canSoup1 cup1.61.10.5
Cream of Broccoli, undilutedSoup1 cup1.30.60.7
Cream of onion, undilutedSoup1 cup1.00.30.7
Cream of mushroom, undilutedSoup1 cup0.60.40.2
Cream of chicken, undilutedSoup1 cup0.50.20.3
Cream of riceSoup1 cup0.40.30.1