The table below illustrates the fiber content of common vegetables.


Food ItemFood TypeServingTotal FiberInsoluble Fiber Soluble Fiber
SorghumVegetable1 cup26.518.58
Pea (green) undiluted Vegetable1 cup17.615.22.4
Peas, split, yellow, green, cannedVegetable1 cup16.314.12.2
Peas, split, yellow, green, cooked driedVegetable1 cup16.314.12.2
Peas, split, cookedVegetable1 cup16.0--
Peas, cowpeas, cooked driedVegetable1 cup11.29.81.4
Cowpeas (Blackeyes), cookedVegetable1 cup11.0--
Sprouts, acorn, cookedVegetable1 cup10.84.66.2
Tomato pasteVegetable1 cup10.78.62.1
Textured Vegetable Protein, dryVegetable1 cup9.26.62.6
Acorn squash, cookedVegetable1 cup9.0--
Pigeon Peas, cookedVegetable1 cup9.0--
Peas, green peas, cookedVegetable1 cup8.86.22.6
Peas, cowpeas, cooked freshVegetable1 cup8.37.40.9
Mixed Vegetables, frozenVegetable1 cup8.04.23.8
Sweet Potato, cookedVegetable1 cup7.64.82.8
Yams, cookedVegetable1 cup7.64.82.8
Pumpkin, cannedVegetable1 cup7.16.11
Hubbard squash, cookedVegetable1 cup7.0--
Peas, green peas, cannedVegetable1 cup7.06.10.9
Peas, green, frozenVegetable1 cup7.0--
Squash, winter (dark green or orange, cookedVegetable1 cup6.72.93.8
Squash, hubbard, cookedVegetable1 cup6.62.83.8
Tomato, sun-dried, dry packVegetable1 cup6.66.00.6
Brussel Sprouts, cookedVegetable1 cup6.42.53.9
Tomato, sun-dried, oil packVegetable1 cup6.45.80.6
Parsnip, cookedVegetable1 cup6.22.63.6
Spinach, cooked frozenVegetable1 cup6.14.91.2
Brussels Sprouts, cookedVegetable1 cup6.0--
SauerkrautVegetable1 cup5.93.92
Sweet Potato, canned, syrup packedVegetable1 cup5.92.33.6
Yams, canned, syrup packed, drainedVegetable1 cup5.92.33.6
Broccoli, cooked frozenVegetable1 cup5.52.72.8
Mixed Vegetables, cannedVegetable1 cup5.54.41.1
Scallions or spring onions, cookedVegetable1 cup5.52.62.9
Spinach, cooked freshVegetable1 cup5.44.31.1
Collards, cookedVegetable1 cup5.32.13.2
Carrots, cooked freshVegetable1 cup5.23.02.2
Endive (curly), cookedVegetable1 cup5.23.71.5
Okra, cookedVegetable1 cup5.13.12
Spinach, cannedVegetable1 cup5.13.81.3
Broccoli, cookedVegetable1 cup5.0--
Collard greens, cookedVegetable1 cup5.0--
Kohlrabi, rawVegetable1 cup5.0--
Mixed Vegetables (peas and carrots), frozenVegetable1 cup5.03.31.7
Mustard greens, cookedVegetable1 cup5.0--
Peas (edible podded), cooked Vegetable1 cup5.0--
Summer scallop squash, cookedVegetable1 cup5.0--
Tomato pureeVegetable1 cup5.03.02
Turnip Greens, cookedVegetable1 cup5.02.82.2
Cauliflower, cooked frozenVegetable1 cup4.93.61.3
Kohlrabi, rawVegetable1 cup4.91.53.4
Carrots, cooked frozenVegetable1 Cup4.82.82
Broccoli, cooked freshVegetable1 cup4.62.32.3
Brussels Sprouts, cookedVegetable1/2 cup4.51.53
Cooked ArtichokesVegetable1 large4.5--
Mixed Vegetables (peas and carrots), cannedVegetable1 cup4.53.31.2
Peas, snow peas, cookedVegetable1 cup4.53.41.1
Potato, cannedVegetable1 cup4.51.03.5
Squash, chayote, cookedVegetable1 cup4.53.51
Beet greens, cookedVegetable1 cup4.22.31.9
Hominy, cannedVegetable1 cup4.12.31.8
Artichoke, freshVegetable1/2 cup4.01.03
Beet greens, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Hearts of Palm, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Parsnips, cookedVegetable1/2 cup4.0--
Red Cabbage, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Russet Potato, flesh and skinVegetable1 medium4.0--
Savoy Cabbage, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Sweet Potato, flesh and skinVegetable1 medium4.0--
Swiss Chard, cookedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Taro, slicedVegetable1 cup4.0--
Broccoli cheese undilutedVegetable1 cup3.91.92
Corn, cooked frozen, whole kernelVegetable1 cup3.93.40.5
Peppers, jalapeno, cooked freshVegetable1 cup3.92.41.5
Chard, cookedVegetable1 cup3.73.10.6
Sweet Potato, canned, vacuum packedVegetable1 cup3.62.21.4
Yams, canned, vacuum packedVegetable1 cup3.62.21.4
Hearts of palm, cannedVegetable1 cup3.50.03.5
Peppers, jalapeno, cannedVegetable1 cup3.51.22.3
Beets, cooked freshVegetable1 cup3.41.42
Cabbage, green, cookedVegetable1 cup3.41.91.5
Cauliflower, cooked freshVegetable1 cup3.42.50.9
Rhubarb, cooked, sweetenedVegetable1 cup3.42.21.2
Rhubarb, cooked, unsweetenedVegetable1 cup3.42.21.2
Carrots, rawVegetable1 cup3.31.71.6
Corn, canned, drainedVegetable1 cup3.33.00.3
Squash, butternut, cookedVegetable1 cup3.31.91.4
Chinese Cabbage, Pe-tsai, cookedVegetable1 cup3.21.51.7
Onion, (French) undilutedVegetable1 cup3.11.41.7
Rutabagas, cookedVegetable1 cup3.12.60.5
Turnip Greens, cannedVegetable1 cup3.11.81.3
Turnip, cookedVegetable1 cup3.12.01.1
Brussels Sprouts, cookedVegetable1/2 cup3.0--
Cabbage, red, cookedVegetable1 cup3.01.71.3
Crookneck Squash, cookedVegetable1 cup3.0--
Kale, cookedVegetable1 cup3.0--
Peppers, red-sweet, rawVegetable1 cup3.01.91.1
Potato, baked with skinVegetable1 medium3.0--
Potato, boiled, with skinVegetable1 cup3.01.81.2
Red Potato, flesh and skinVegetable1 medium3.0--
Squash, winter, cookedVegetable1/2 cup3.0--
Zucchini squash, cookedVegetable1 cup3.0--
Beets, cannedVegetable1 cup2.91.51.4
Onion, white, yellow, or red, cookedVegetable1 cup2.90.82.1
Onion, white, yellow, or red, rawVegetable1 cup2.91.11.8
Potato,baked, with skinVegetable1 cup2.91.71.2
Potato, boiled, without skinVegetable1 cup2.81.21.6
Broccoflower (green cauliflower) cookedVegetable1 cup2.71.51.2
Chinese cabbage, Pak-choi, cookedVegetable1 cup2.71.71
Peppers, green-sweet, rawVegetable1 cup2.71.61.1
Broccoli, rawVegetable1 cup2.61.70.9
Kale, cookedVegetable1 cup2.61.21.4
Scallions or spring onions, rawVegetable1 cup2.61.01.6
Cauliflower, rawVegetable1 cup2.51.60.9
Corn Grits, dryVegetable1 cup2.51.90.6
Grean Beans cannedVegetable1 Cup2.51.01.5
Peppers, jalapeno, rawVegetable1 cup2.51.51
Squash, summer (Green or Yellow) cookedVegetable1 cup2.52.00.5
Squash, zucchini, cookedVegetable1 cup2.51.41.1
Tomatillo, rawVegetable1 cup2.52.30.2
Chicken with vegetables, undilutedVegetable1 cup2.51.41.1
Celery, cookedVegetable1 cup2.41.70.7
Chinese Cabbage, Pe-tsai, rawVegetable1 cup2.41.90.5
Peppers, hot chili, green, cannedVegetable1 cup2.40.81.6
Tomato, cannedVegetable1 cup2.41.41
Peppers, hot chili, green, rawVegetable1 cup2.31.40.9
Peppers, hot chili, red, rawVegetable1 cup2.31.40.9
Carrots, cannedVegetable1 cup2.20.71.5
Peppers, green -sweet, cookedVegetable1 cup2.20.71.5
Peppers, red-sweet, cookedVegetable1 cup2.20.91.3
Squash, spaghetti, cookedVegetable1 cup2.21.01.2
Tomato, undilutedVegetable1 cup2.21.60.6
Peppers, hot chili, red, cooked freshVegetable1 cup2.11.30.8
Bamboo shoots, cannedVegetable1 cup2.01.50.5
Beans, stringVegetable1/2 cup2.0--
Broccoflower (green cauliflower) rawVegetable1 cup2.01.01
Cabbage, cookedVegetable1/2 cup2.0--
Cabbage, green rawVegetable1 cup2.01.30.7
Celery, rawVegetable1 cup2.01.30.7
Corn, cookedVegetable1/2 cup2.0--
Peppers, hot chili, green, cooked freshVegetable1 cup2.00.71.3
Spaghetti squash, cookedVegetable1 cup2.0--
Sweet Potato, cookedVegetable1/2 medium2.0--
Tomato, green, rawVegetable1 cup2.01.80.2
Celeriac, or celery root, cookedVegetable1 cup1.91.00.9
Potato, baked, without skinVegetable1 cup1.90.61.3
Radish, rawVegetable1 cup1.91.40.5
Cabbage, red, rawVegetable1 Cup1.81.00.8
Kohlrabi, cookedVegetable1 cup1.80.61.2
Peppers, hot chili, red, cannedVegetable1 cup1.80.61.2
Pickles, bread-and-butterVegetable1 cup1.81.40.4
Onion Flavored RingsVegetable1 oz1.71.60.1
Peppers, yellow-sweet, cookedVegetable1 cup1.71.10.6
Pickles, dillVegetable1 cup1.71.40.3
Pickles, sweet, gherkinsVegetable1 cup1.71.30.4
Broccoli, cookedVegetable1/2 cup1.50.51
Squash, summer (Green or Yellow) rawVegetable1 cup1.51.20.3
Beet greens, rawVegetable1 cup1.40.41
Chinese Vegetables, cannedVegetable1 cup1.40.90.5
Squash, zucchini, rawVegetable1 cup1.40.80.6
Tomato, orange, rawVegetable1 cup1.41.30.1
Collards, rawVegetable1 cup1.30.50.8
Peppers, yellow-sweet, rawVegetable1 cup1.30.80.5
Chicken with vegetables, ready to serve canVegetable1 cup1.20.70.5
Tomato, ready to serve canVegetable1 cup1.10.80.3
Broccoli, cookedVegetable1/2 cup1.0--
Kale, cookedVegetable1/2 cup1.0--
Sprouts, mung bean, cannedVegetable1 cup1.00.50.5
Sprouts, mung bean, cooked freshVegetable1 cup1.00.40.6
Squash, summer, cookedVegetable1/2 cup1.0--
Tomato, rawVegetable1 medium1.0--
Tomato, yellow, rawVegetable1 cup1.00.90.1
Endive (curly), raw Vegetable1 cup0.90.60.3
Lettuce, romaine or cosVegetable1 cup0.90.60.3
Cucumber, raw, with or without peelVegetable1 cup0.80.60.2
Lettuce, icebergVegetable1 cup0.80.70.1
Spinach, rawVegetable1 cup0.80.60.2
Sprouts, alfalfaVegetable1 cup0.80.60.2
Sprouts, soybean, rawVegetable1 cup0.80.40.4
Chinese cabbage, Pak-choi, rawVegetable1 cup0.70.40.3
Vegetable BurgerVegetable1 oz0.70.40.3
GritsVegetable1 cup0.60.40.2
Watercress, rawVegetable1 cup0.50.20.3
Celery seedVegetable1 tsp0.30.00.3
Chervil (dried) Vegetable1 tsp0.10.00.1