There are some days when you are probably feeling very adventurous and want to try something new. There are times when you are just getting tired of your current diet and want to change things up. Of course, you don’t want to add foods that will bring your diet down and make things boring! You want to add foods that are high in fiber and that will bring your diet to a new and exciting place!


See below for a list of 10 unexpected ways to add use fruits to add fiber into your diet. These Fruits are high in fiber and also have many other added benefits. Hopefully you will learn something new and find something great to add into your high fiber diet! The fruits with fiber are listed below-


Coconut that is high in fiber1) Coconuts-

Coconuts are an awesome source of fiber at 36 grams per 1 medium size coconut. They taste great and there are a lot of different ways to eat them. (See How to Eat a Raw Coconut for tips on what you can do with it).


Coconuts also have other amazing health benefits including increasing heart health and giving you a quick energy boost. For more information on these benefits see Coconut Health Secrets for Optimal Health. Adding coconut products into your high fiber diet is a great way to kick things off.


Sapodilla that is high in fiber2) Sapodilla-

Also known as Manilkara zapota,is a tropical fruit that is not found in all US markets, but it is slowly starting to become more common. This fruit is high in fiber at 14 grams per medium size fruit, high in antioxidants, and high in a variety of vitamins. Nutrition Facts on Sapodilla show that it is a superfruit that it is a must-add to any diet.


3) Dates-

1 cup of dates gives you a whopping 13 grams of fiber. Dates are definitely a fiber powerhouse! However, as with all fruits, be wary of the sugar content. Dates are very high in sugar at 93 grams per cup! Eat them sparingly if you do add them to your diet.


Prunes that are high in fiber4) Dried Plums (Prunes)-

Most people hear prunes and immediately say to themselves “Ick!” This does not have to be the case. Prunes can be a great addition to any trail mix, as they are really just dried plums. Prunes also have some amazing health benefits, but are most importantly very high in fiber at 12 grams per cup. For more on this see 5 Healthy Reasons You Need to Eat More Prunes.


Prunes are indeed a strong fruit to add to your high fiber diet, and are easy to find in any grocery store. You can look for them by the nuts and trail mix section of any food store.


5) Breadfruit-

Breadfruit is a less common tropical fruit that is very high in fiber at 11 grams per cup. However, its downside is that it doesn’t taste that great. Food of the Future’ Has One Hitch: It’s All But Inedible. Regardless, it could be a good fruit to add to a smoothie as it has less sugar than other fruits. For this reason, it makes the list as a good, yet unexpected fruit to add to your diet.


Elderberries that are high in fiber6) Elderberries-

Elderberries can be a delicious part of any high fiber diet, and have 10 grams of fiber per cup. However, you may be wondering what you can do with these berries as they are not as common as a raspberry or blueberry. For some ideas look no further! 5 Delicious Things To Do With Elderberry.


7) Guava-

Guava is yet another tropical fruit. It hovers right around 9 grams of fiber per cup, and is a wonderful addition to your diet. It is high in Potassium and has a huge amount of vitamin C which can help to improve your immune system. You may be wondering How To Eat Guava so please check out this wiki page. Make sure you pick out just the right fruit in order to get the most out of the experience!


8) Loganberries-

Loganberries are high in fiber at 8 grams of fiber per cup. They are an awesome berry because they have multiple different uses. You can make jam, pies, salad, syrup, and wine with them, among other things! Loganberries are indeed a lesser-known berry, but still a very good fruit to add to your high fiber diet!


Click here is a list of some Loganberry Recipes


9) Persimmon-

Just one medium size persimmon can give you 6 grams of fiber. Among being high in fiber and high in Vitamin C, Persimmons also have other great health benefits. To see them all check out these Persimmon Fruit Nutrition Facts. Add persimmons to your high fiber diet today and reap the Appricot that is high in fiberhealth benefits!

10) Apricot-

Apricots have 4 grams of fiber per cup of fruit. Apricots are a fruit powerhouse with a huge list of health benefits which include protecting your eyesight and protecting against inflammation. For the entire list and for more information see this post on Apricots by the World’s Healthiest Foods Website.

The following table lists out the 10 unexpected fruits with fiber in order of fiber content-

Food ItemFood TypeMeasurement/SizeTotal Fiber (grams)Insoluble Fiber (grams)Soluble Fiber (grams)
Coconut, freshFruit/Nut1 Medium35.731.83.9
SapodillaFruit1 medium13.99.04.9
DatesFruit1 cup13.411.22.2
PruneFruit1 cup12.15.66.5
BreadfruitFruit1 cup11.0--
ElderberriesFruit1 cup10.28.31.9
GuavaFruit1 cup8.97.41.5
Loganberries, frozenFruit1 cup8.0--
PersimmonFruit1 medium6.15.30.8
ApricotFruit1 cup4.02.02

I hope this list of fruits with fiber has helped you find some fruits that you can add into your diet! It is always exciting to take that first step and try something new. Please comment on this post with anything you have tried that is listed here, and with any suggestions for other awesome high fiber fruits! Thanks for reading and have a great day!