Fitbit One

Back several months ago I gave away a Fitbit Charge as a promotion. I had never worn a Fitbit before but I figured it went well with the theme of my site (losing weight by eating healthy and having fun).  The giveaway was a major success, but I did not proceed to get a Fitbit for myself.

That changed this Christmas when my Wife’s entire family decided to get a Fitbit and start challenging each other to see who would get the most steps. It killed me to know that there was a competition going on and I wasn’t able to enter it!

Being the competitive people that we are, my wife and I both got a Fitbit for ourselves. She decided to get the Fitbit Charge, and I ordered the Fitbit One. It turned out to be the right choice for both of us, and we are extremely happy with our new devices.

The only real difference between those two versions is that the Charge is designed to be on your wrist permanently, and the Fitbit one is a little bit more flexible. I currently have a tie clip, a bracelet, and a belt clip, that I put my Fitbit in. The tie clip works perfectly at work since I have to wear a tie every day, the bracelet is perfect for going on runs, and the belt clip works well when I am just wandering around the house.

I love my Fitbit for several reasons. Here a just a few of them:

  1. It is easy to use, and the step count is unbelievably accurate. I have tested it several times now, and when I count 20 steps, the Fitbit counts those same 20 steps! It is actually pretty incredible.
  2. The app that goes along with it is free, and is very intuitive to use. It can give you real time step counts. and shows you how everyone else is doing in the challenges.
  3. It can be carried just about anywhere. I love the Fitbit one especially for this reason, because I can put it out of the way and not even notice it. I know that women keep it in the bra as well, to keep it out of the way. I cannot attest to this, as I have not been able to practice it!
  4. The step count motivates me to keep walking and keep moving so I can meet my daily goal.
  5. You can change your goals and the app will give you constant attention if you are not meeting your goal, and it will praise you when you achieve your goal. The badges are fun to earn and it is exciting to see what goals are next.
  6. The challenges are awesome for competing against family and friends.

The only complaint I have is that the battery life isn’t longer. It does last 5-7 days, but it is annoying to have to take it out and charge it. A very minor complaint for sure, and I am sure that future versions of the Fitbit will only last longer.

Check it out for yourself right here on Amazon.

Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate every single one of you that follows this blog. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am always there for you!

-Jordan, your Fiber Guardian.