Spring into fiber with some awesome high fiber foodsAre you looking for some awesome ways to leave the winter blues behind this spring? For a lot of us, (Especially those on the east coast) this winter has surely seemed to last for way too long! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some time at the beach, a ride with the top down on the jeep, and a good ol’ summer BBQ! A BBQ with some burgers, potato salad, and delicious french fries!

You surely wouldn’t find these foods on anyone’s healthy list, but for most of us, they are staples in our summer diets. In moderation, it isn’t necessarily bad to indulge on these foods every once in awhile, but having high fiber options on the side table is a great idea!

This post will give you five excellent options of foods to bring to any BBQ to give you some great options to add to your plate! The good news is, people will be happy you brought along these tasty additions!

High Fiber Foods to Bring to Any Awesome BBQ

  1. Pineapple is not only a delicious summer treat, it is a fruit that is a good source of fiber at 2 grams per cup. It also has loads of other health benefits and is high in manganese and vitamin C which helps to support a healthy immune system. You can even make it into a delicious Pineapple Recipe. Adding this side to your BBQ will not only make the food options healthier, it will fill your guests will delight at the excellent spread you have put before them.
  2. Watermelon is another excellent fruit to bring to your diet.  It has slightly less fiber at only 1.5 grams per cup, but it is especially important for cardiovascular health because it contains carotenoid phytonutrient which is found in fruits that contain lycopene. Cut up the watermelon and throw it in a huge bowl or choose from some other Great Options. Either way you slice it, watermelons are an awesome treat to gather up and munch on!
  3. Corn on the Cob is a common edition to any BBQ, but the good news is that corn is great for you! Once you lather it up in butter it does lose a little bit of its nutritional value, but eating a vegetable is still a good idea. Corn is a great antioxidant and also has cancer fighting properties as well. Boil it or grill it, but make sure to bring it to your next summer feast.ways to make barbecues more healthy
  4. Tomatoes are an excellent addition to the summer festivities, especially since adding tomatoes as a staple to your diet can increase your resistance to the sun. This fruit (or vegetable!?) is a great topping to add to your burgers or salads. Tomatoes bring about 1-3 grams of fiber to the table depending on what kind of tomato you choose.
  5. Blueberries can be added to just about anything and are a great side to bring. They have about 4 grams of fiber per cup and make for a great topping for a dessert to bring a close to an epic feast. They are loaded with antioxidants which help to give you a great immune system.

If you are looking for a drink to bring, iced tea is a great choice over other more sugary drinks. Drinking tea regularly can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes, and it can even grant you healthier teeth, gums and stronger bones. Obviously, sugar is definitely something you want to avoid when possible, but iced tea is a better alternative than soda!

These are just five quick and easy ways to spruce up your barbecue and add some healthy foods to your own summer parties, or to bring to a party as a guest. It is easy to get lost in the throes of the yummy foods of summer, but fear not! Any good barbecue will be brightened by bringing these items along.

What is your favorite thing to bring to a barbecue? Tell us in the comments below, and have yourself a wonderful springtime!