Taking Major Action Now!Let’s cut right to the chase, we all can make changes and we all can better ourselves. It takes a commitment and an unparalleled focused to bring about the personal development that we seek.

Are you ready to take some major action and change your life? Is it time for you to stop procrastinating and make a positive change for your life? Try one of the 5 options listed below to break out and make a change for your life.

Any one of these life changes can give you a great start towards becoming a better person, friend, family member, and co-worker. People will ask what is different about you, and all you will have to do is smile because you know that you are working towards a bigger and brighter future.

Without further ado, let us delve in.

1) Taking Major Action Requires Taking Risks

Taking risks now

Are you ready to jump out of the metaphorical plane? (Or ACTUAL PLANE?)

It is absolutely imperative that you begin your life change by taking a risk. Any type of change is going to be risky and not without the potential of falling on your face.

For example, when I knelt down on one knee and asked my wife to marry me, there was a chance she might have said “no thanks” Luckily, she said yes, and my life is all the better for it. However, she could have said no. I was taking a risk by taking that step and kneeling down on one knee.

Risk can come in all sorts of different forms. It was risky to pack up my bags, go to a college 10 hours away, and say goodbye to my Dad as he dropped me off. But it was the exact right step for me in that moment. I loved every minute of college and I learned so much during my 4 year stay.

What risks have you taken? What risks haven’t you taken? Are you just trudging along and getting by with life? What is preventing you from making the change that you desire?

For more on risk taking see my other article on Why Taking Risks Is Imperative for having an awesome life, losing weight, and living our your incredible potential.

2) Moving to Get a Fresh Start

There is nothing more life changing than moving and getting a fresh start. Whether you are miserable in your current residence or utterly happy, it could be a great boost to your life to embrace new surroundings.

If you are currently feeling Comfortable, Content, and Unchallenged, get out and go. Of course, this is easier said than done, but what is holding you back? Kids? Job? Finances? All of these things are replaceable (just kidding about the kids!) But in all seriousness, if you are willing to take that risk and break free you won’t regret it.

We have to live life with a sense of urgency so not a minute is wasted. -Les Brown

Move to make a change and enrich your life. Your friends and family will hopefully support you and be willing to help you on your quest for self-enrichment.

3) Make One Small Healthy Change

Being your Fiber Guardian, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a section on making healthy choices. However, making healthy choices effects EVERY single area of your life including your job, relationships, homelife, etc.

All it takes is a few easy to implement choices to make a huge difference on your health. You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to start making better choices. As a fresh caveat, this isn’t just directed towards those that are overweight or lazy. EVERYONE could eat a little bit better and DO a little bit more.

Some easy healthy choices include:

Just choosing one of the items listed above and incorporating it into your daily routine is a MAJOR victory! As I have said before, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so keep making small changes and keep striving forward.

4) Communicate With A Loved OneTalking to a loved one

Reach out and talk to someone that you love. Chances are there is something you can do or say RIGHT NOW that would truly make their day. Call, email, text, skype, facebook message, tweet at, yell across the room “I love you!” the possibilities are endless in today’s modern age of communication. Just dont settle for NOT saying anything.

Relationship reparation can sometimes begin just by a simple “Can we talk?” Don’t find yourself in the scenario of wishing you had started the conversation. Take the leap of faith and take that first step. Take major action right now, right in this very moment, and reach out to someone you love. Don’t even read the rest of this post if it means delaying it for one more second. (come back later though…!)

5) Set a Lifelong Goal List

Setting a goal list is important not only for your own personal well-being, but it is also a major factor in feeling accomplished. Checking an item off of a to-do list is admittedly quite satisfying, so how much more satisfying would it be to able to check off an item of your life long goal list?

Some of the items on my personal goal list are to be able to achieve financial freedom and eventually give away 90% of what I make and live off of the other 10%. Another lifelong goal is to take a helicopter ride to a unmanned beach and stay there for at least a night with my wife. I don’t know if that goal will ever come to fruition, but the point is that it gives me something to live for and something to strive for.

Dream big by making a goal list for yourself for what you want to accomplish in your life.

You only have one life? Why not make it extraordinary?

Final Thoughts on Taking Major Action

Taking action requires you to take action. I guess that is a “duh” statement but it important to stress! So many times in my own life I have said “I will do that eventually” or “someday.” No more, its time to take action now and make the changes that I need to in order to leave a legacy and lead an honorable life.

What do you think of all this? Please leave your comments below and let me know. I respect that you may not agree with my thinking, so please start the discussion.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!