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I’ll start by saying that being the Fiber Guardian is admittedly pretty awesome. I get to spend my days eating fiber, writing about fiber, and of the utmost importance; communicating with all of you! I wanted to thank all my current readers for sticking with me, and I also want to extend welcome to anyone finding themselves on my site for the first time! I am very happy you are here!

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Today, I have the privilege of writing up a review of several flavors of NuGo Fiber D’Lish fiber bars. About 2 weeks ago I was contacted by Nugo Fiber’s marketing team and was asked if I would be willing to write a review of their product. Of course I said yes!

They sent me a sample box of 10 bars and I have been able to enjoy these bars, while taking meticulous notes on each one. I hope this review will give you all of the information you need to decide whether to add these bars to your repertoire of go to fiber snacks.

This review Will Include


  • A quick video introduction.
  • A discussion on Each flavor that Nugo Fiber D’Lish Offers.
  • How these Nugo Fiber Bars compare to other similar bars.
  • Final thoughts and an affiliate link.

In an effort to maintain full disclosure, I have added an affiliate link at the end of this post that will send you to the products page on amazon. If you choose to buy the bars I will receive a small portion of the sale which will go towards continuing to provide content on this website. Thanks in advance for any purchases! And regardless, you can trust that everything I say in this review will be 100% honest!

NuGo Fiber D’Lish Bars


check out my quick video below for a brief intro to these fiber bars, or if you’d prefer, keep on scrolling.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”VSOF6y1Bxqg”]


How Do they Compare to Other Bars?


The quick table below will show you how they stack up compared to some other popular fiber/protein bars. You will see that compared to the other bars Nugo is:

  • The highest in fiber
  • Last in protein
  • Middle of the pack for sugar, fat, and carbs


Nugo Fiber Bar (Coconut Macaroon) Kind Bar (Caramel Almond and Sea Salt) Oatmega (Vanilla Almond Crisp)Cliff Bar (Crunchy Peanut Butter)
Total Fat61676
Total Carbs28152141

A Review of Each Type of Bar 


There are several different flavors, 10 to be exact. I was sent a sample of each one of them to test them out. There were a few that I loved and a few that I did not. Throughout the different varieties the texture was the same and tastes similar to the grainy chewiness of a cliff bar.

However, I personally do not really like Cliff Bars, and found that these Nugo Fiber Bars were quite good across the board (with a few exceptions.) The list below is in order from my favorite to least favorite. This may just be personal preference though, so it is okay if you disagree with me!

IMG_20150917_080229213-min1) Orange Cranberry– Without doubt this bar was my favorite (and my wife, the first Lady of Fiber, agrees as well!). As soon as you open the bar you are struck with its overwhelmingly delicious fragrance. I have never opened a fiber bar and been met with such a strong presence of flavor. It stood head and shoulders above the rest with its delectable joining of the chewy cranberry and tangy orange.

IMG_20150917_080202582-min2) Coconut Macaroon– For those that don’t love coconut, definitely stay away, as the coconut taste is definitely the star for this bar. For myself, I love coconut, but was truthfully nervous about this bar. I like the taste of coconut, but I am not a fan of the grittiness of most coconut flavored foods. This bar had none of the grittiness but had a perfectly blended coconut taste!

IMG_20150917_080113449-min3) Cinnamon Raisin– Once again I was blown away by the freshness upon opening this bar. The sweet smell of cinnamon was pleasant to my senses, and the taste matched the high expectations of my nose. Amazingly Delicious!



4) Blonde Bar– I am partial to the vanilla flavor and this bar met my expectations explicitly. I had a hard time tasting the white chocolate at times as it was chunked throughout. The flavor comes on softly at first and then hits with a bang in a wonderful swirl of mouthwatering goodness.

IMG_20150917_080153279-min5) Peanut Chocolate Chip– This tasted of a little too much peanut and not enough chocolate. However, I was not expecting to like this one as much because I normally stay away from peanut flavors in bars, but I pleasantly surprised! It was the perfect mix of softness and chewiness even despite the flavor imbalance.

IMG_20150917_080138158-min6) Banana Walnut– Opening the wrapping brings a strong banana sensation to the nostrils. The first bite is crunchy and overall the bar is very appetizing. However, the walnut taste is not very strong and is overwhelmed by the banana, but if you are fan of bananas then this is not a problem!

IMG_20150916_170518838-min7) Chocolate Brownie– As the First Lady of Fiber made sure to point out, these definitely do not taste like actual brownies. However, for a fiber bar, it definitely tastes great! It is chewy and very satisfying.



8) Carrot Cake– This bar definitely has a strong carrot cake taste and if you are a fan of that strange cake variety, you will enjoy this bar for sure. The aftertaste is not super great, but the overall flavor and softness combine for an average fiber bar.



9) Apple Cobbler– Both of the cobbler bars taste very different than any of the other Fiber D’Lish Bars. For the apple cobber there are a lot more solid bites that take a little bit of extra time to get through. The flavor is strong and each bite is intense. The intensity is its strong point where the chewiness is its weak point.

IMG_20150917_080220359-min10) Blueberry Cobbler– This was the first bar that I tried out of the group and I was disappointed. The blueberry taste and flavor that I have come to love was weak and barely noticeable. It felt way more like I was chewing grind flax seeds than a blueberry bar. This one lands at the bottom of the Fiber Guardian’s list!


Final Thoughts


Having never tasted any of these bars before, I was pleasantly surprised. I am going to be buying these bars and keeping them handy whenever I need a high fiber snack. They taste amazing, and the “fresh” feeling that I get when eating them is unparalleled by any other fiber bar.

The only concern I have is that the sugar content is much higher than a Kind bar (which is also another Fiber Guardian favorite). However, it is up to you to decide how much sugar you are allowing into your diet. I try and stay away from it as much as I can!

At the end of the day, these bars make for an excellent addition to a high fiber diet. I definitely recommend giving them a try!

Get Them Here on Amazon.

Or Sign up for the Nugo Fiber D’Lish club for exclusive discounts!

Either way, thanks for reading guys, and I hope you have an awesome rest of your day!