Hey guys!

I have the pleasure of introducing one of my friend’s in the publishing world, Rob Archangel. He is a fellow health guru that also happens to runs his own publishing company (how cool is that!?). I asked him to share a little bit about his own journey and what follows is his story.

I have used the services his company offers several times to make the covers for my books. Their customer service is top-notch, and I won’t go anywhere else because the quality is always spot on.

Beyond that, him and his team actually care about my success as an author and as a person. Building relationships is a major key to success in any endeavor, and they are doing it right. They want my books to be a success as much as I do.

If you have any interest in writing your own book you should check out their current promotion. It is a crazy good deal offering a book cover and formatting services for a price that can’t be beat.

I believe everyone has something to say and that everyone has at least one book in them.

Here is what Rob has to say:

“Dear Fiber Warriors,

Rob Archangel here. My team and I had the pleasure of helping Jordan with a couple of his book projects. He asked me to contribute a little something about health and writing.

Why would anyone care about a publisher’s take on health? Funny you should ask; my interest in this topic actually started me down the path of helping authors share their stories. How so?

A few years ago, maybe like some of you, I was a voracious reader in the health and fitness arena. In high school, it was because I wanted to get in shape and find dates. I went down the rabbit hole, and over the years became a vegetarian, then vegan, then paleo/WAPF-ish locavore. I actually worked on a permaculture homestead for a while and helped run an uncertified organic CSA. Learned a lot about small business and economics in the process, but that’s a story for another day.

Eventually I found my way to the site of my company co-founder Matt Stone. He was a similarly voracious reader but had been applying himself, writing essentially as a health journalist for several years, and had some interesting takes on things.

What struck me about him was that he had read all the books I had, all the books I had on my docket but hadn’t yet read, and a bunch of books not anywhere on my radar. And he had some different conclusions than me. I thought I was approaching the end of history, and everything health and fitness-related would neatly wrap up pointing toward low-carb paleo/psuedo-paleo diets as optimal for all people everywhere and at all times, and as the fix for what ails us personally, socially and ecologically.

I realized that easy story might not be right, I might have blind spots, and things might not wrap up so neatly. Maybe sometimes, the answers to health lied elsewhere beyond more and more aggressive dietary interventions. So the pursuit of truth and health and happiness took new directions.

Matt and I became friends over time, and eventually he needed some help expanding his reach as an writer. We boot-strapped our way into the self-publishing world, putting up his books into Kindle, paperback and audiobook format, and later started doing the same for others. With an expanded team, I’ve now had the good fortune of helping hundreds of authors.

I realized my own well being was partly linked to having a sense of purpose and excitement, to sharing a message I thought had value. I wasn’t creating much content (though I did create some), but I enjoyed getting the message out as best I could. It was in my wheelhouse to pay attention to detail and navigate through uncertainty to find and present work with clarity.

Writing for some people is like that; it provides a sense of purpose, and camaraderie. It’s satisfying to interact and connect with people who have similar perspectives, and grow together, to be exposed to new information and incorporate that into our lives.

Taking care of the basics is important; you still want to generally eat quality food, move your body in challenging and satisfying ways, and sleep well. But after you’ve taken care of those essentials, you might enjoy some health benefits in cultivating meaningful relationships and pursuing creative and stimulating work. That might be your drum hobby, open-mic nights, volunteering, or writing for an audience.

Whatever it is, experiment with an open mind and follow what strengthens you and provides meaning. If you are ever interesting in writing and publishing your work, we’re here at Archangel Ink and would love to help. But that’s not the crux of this message; my hope is to contribute something of value here to your pursuit and health, and I wish all you receiving this the best on that front. ”

Thanks for reading, now go write that book!