orangesIt is indeed true that nothing rhymes with the word orange! Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

That pointless, (albeit fun) exercise aside, the orange It is an extra special fruit, and now it is on display for all to see here at Fiber Focus Friday!

The orange is a citrus fruit that tastes of sunshiny days and leaves delicious tones of tanginess all through your taste buds. You can eat it with breakfast, or as a snack during the day! Any way you slice it, an orange is a good friend to keep around.

Let’s learn more about it shall we?

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The Health Benefits of Eating Oranges

Oranges are the perfect addition to any high fiber diet. They also really pack a punch with many other health benefits. Orange health benefits include:

  1. Immune system boosting powers. Oranges are super high in Vitamin C at 54 mg per 1 fruit. Vitamin C consumption can be a controversial topic, but the Fiber Guardian approves of getting as much as you can to keep the disease fighting parts of your body strong. It is a powerful antioxidant, and it can help you to avoid getting sick, and even help to ease cold symptoms.
  2. Oranges are also rich in many other antioxidants that help to prevent some diseases. Antioxidants are especially helpful when you are eating different fruits and vegetables and getting a variety of these disease fighting superpowers.
  3. It is a high fiber food, and as we know, high fiber foods are the way to go. Enough said here.
  4. Choline is a nutrient found in oranges that can actually help with sleep, muscle movement, and even learning and memory.
  5. Consuming oranges will aid in preventing heart disease, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Avoiding any one of these ailments is indeed reason enough to start eating oranges!

Types of Oranges

The following are different types of oranges:

  • The plain old orange
  • Nectarine
  • Mandarin
  • Orange juice
  • Clementines
  • Tangerines

Each of these will have that particularly orangy flavor, but each one will have a slightly different level of sweetness.

The Oranges Fun Fact Card  

orange fun facts

The Origin of Oranges

Oranges are believed to have originated in southern China because that were first cultivated in China around 2500 BC. Nowadays, oranges are cultivated mainly in tropical and sub-tropical climates with the most production coming from Brazil, And the US in California and Florida.

How to Grow Your Own Oranges

Growing your own oranges can be done, but it is not easy. You first have to make sure you are in at least a sub-tropical climate as this is where oranges thrive. If you are not in this type of climate, I am sure that you could buy your own greenhouse and replicate a tropical climate, but of course, money is usually an obstacle.

If you do attempt to grow your own orange, drink from its sweet nectar knowing that it was created by you, and you alone. Enjoy the feeling, and know that not many others have boldly gone where you have gone!

Orange Fiber Content and Nutrition Facts

Oranges have 2.3 grams of fiber per 1 small orange. This is not as much as an apple, or even a banana, but with only 45 calories, the fiber content is indeed great in comparison to many other foods!

The goal is to eat high fiber foods whenever possible to naturally reach your daily fiber goals.

Oranges are naturally high in sugar at 9 grams, and of course they are high in Vitamin C as mentioned above. All other nutrients are negligible.

How I Eat Oranges

I truthfully do not eat oranges that often, but when I do, I like to enjoy them with my breakfast. Their sweetness is a great addition when eating a bowl of cereal or having some morning eggs!

10 Awesome Orange Recipes with Links!

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  4. The Best Chinese Orange Chicken
  5. Orange Cranberry Bread
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  7. Starbucks Copycat Valencia Orange Refresher
  8. Blueberry Orange Oatmeal Muffins
  9. Orange Dream Machine
  10. Crispy Orange Beef

Final thoughts on Oranges

As you can see, oranges are awesome! From the amazing recipes, awesome nutritional value, and tasty tartness, oranges make for an excellent food to add to your diet!

Once again, thanks for reading this weeks addition of Fiber Focus Friday, and be sure to come back for more next week!

-Jordan, your Fiber Guardian