Let’s be honest for a second here. No one is “good” all the time. We all make lousy dietary decisions and we all mess up every once in awhile. If that doesn’t sound like you then congratulations! You are above and beyond a normal person! For everyone else that is like me, we cannot resist having that delicious brownie or, dare I say, soda every once in awhile.

When people get hangovers they need to know how to survive the next day. I am sure there are even entire websites dedicated solely to how to survive and be a functioning human being the very next day after drinking way too much. Much the same, there are indeed several proven methods to surviving your lousy decision. From getting out and going for a walk, to fiber supplements, there is a method for everyone that will make the bad decision a little less painful.

in this post I will outline many of these methods that I have used myself to recover the next day. Please leave your comments in the section below if you have any other ideas of things to do to survive the next day and to ultimately save your diet!

1) Go for a walkWalking after eating badly

An after dinner walk is the perfect way to walk off that greasy, loaded cheeseburger. It doesn’t completely erase what you ate, but it can help you to feel better about it. Our Mental State is paramount when it comes to dieting and losing weight and being healthy is mind over matter before anything else. Walking can help you to feel better about your decision and it helps get your system moving and your heart pumping.

I love going for walks, especially ones that I get to take with my wife! It can be a time of renewing our commitment to fitness, even if we did decide to eat out at our favorite steak place that night!

For more information on walking see this post on Walking – The Best Overall Exercise for Mind and Body.

2) Up Your Water IntakeDrinking Water after making a poor decision

Water is absolutely key to any diet, but it can also help you to recover from a not-so-awesome decision. Drinking extra water will speed up your digestive system and help to rid your body of the toxins you may have ingested.

I try to always start each and every day with a big tall glass of water. On the day after I eat out I may add an extra glass just to get everything on the right track for that day. I know that I feel amazing when fully hydrated and it is definitely worth a couple extra trips to the bathroom that day! Water is definitely a great part of your dietary tool-belt.

3) Tell Yourself “It is Okay!”Thumbs up it is okay!

making one poor decision doens’t have to ruin your entire diet. It doesn’t need to send your spiraling downwards into a tailspin. Remember that you are in control and you can make a better decision next time. Don’t beat yourself up over one cookie (okay let’s be more realistic… THREE Cookies). You can make up for it over time to be sure.

Committing yourself to a diet is all about fighting for the Long Haul. Do you want to lose 30 pounds in a month and gain it all back the month after that!? I can’t stress enough how important SLOW CHANGES are for weight loss and for your health in general. If you are able to lose weight over time, it will take longer for you to gain the weight back. This means that when you are making slow changes and better decisions, you are less likely to gain all of the weight back suddenly because your body isn’t in a state of chaos.

That being said, slipping up every once in awhile is OKAY and you can jump right back into it and make healthy decisions once again. Pick yourself up and keep on fighting.

4) Utilize Citrucel To Alleviate Stomache Issuesk2-_d5792390-3b7d-4f29-8d6c-17fe88a3f92a.v1

Citrucel is a great way to alleviate issues of constipation and/or diarrhea. I have used it multiple times and it is truly helpful. It comes in a powdered form and is added to a full glass of water. It is safe for continued use, but the hope is that you will eventually be getting enough fiber in your diet that you will not need to drink a glass of this every day. However, for those times when you need an extra boost, Citrucel is a great product.

Other popular fiber supplements include Metamucil and you can even try using Psyllium instead of the traditional alernatives. I have not used either as I have had good luck with Citrucel, but these are indeed other options!

5) Get Yourself An Accountability PartnerAccountability partner for weight loss program

Having a partner is extremely important with any new fitness or diet routine. You need to find someone that can encourage you and also push you! They need to be able to say “Hey, it is totally okay that you ate that brownie, but lets try not to have any dessert after dinner tonight!”

Also, it is important that you practice these tactics for your partner in order to receive them in return. Make sure you find someone that can be honest with you, but at the same time not bring you down. My wife is an awesome example of this, as she is the main reason I was able to lose 30 pounds two years prior.

Final Reflections

It is always important to remember to forgive yourself for your indulgences. We all have them as we are all human. We all mess up and we must be able to move on from it. Keep fighting and remember that you are not alone! If you need an extra boost Contact Me and I will be sure to send you some motivation!

Please leave your own thoughts down below in the comments section-

  1. Have you struggled with weight loss?
  2. What is the #1 method you use to recover from an indulgence?

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!