Savor The Journey- Find Your Samwise MomentIt struck me last night, while watching the last movie in the Lord of The Ring’s Trilogy – the Return of the King- that the road is often more important (and much more memorable!) than the end result.

“I can’t carry it for you! But I can carry you! COME ON!- Samwise Gamgeee

As Sam shouts what is arguably one of the most memorable lines in the history of science fiction, does not a chill run up your spine?

However, this moment would not have had this effect if you hadn’t just watched Frodo and Sam’s entire journey, from the Shire to Weathertop, to Gondor to Minas Morgal, and all the way through the rocky ground of Mordor.

If I had turned on the Return of the King, fast forwarded to Sam’s line, and watched him carry Frodo to Mt. Doom I would not have had the same emotions. I probably would have wondered why this little man with hairy feet was carrying another little man with hairy feet.

What’s going on!?

Instead, because I watched their entire journey, from start to finish, Sam’s line filled me with hope and inspiration. YES! He saves the day and ultimately procures his place in the heart of all his fans.

And of course, Frodo appreciates him too.

As my mind pondered all of this while watching the movie, I wondered what my Samwise moment would be? When would the time come when I need to buckle down, dig my feet in, and shout to all of the world that I will not give up?

That I will never give up as long as my heart beats and my lungs draw breath! The Dark Lord Sauron will not win. That the journey is truly worth it, and that all my trials and tribulations meant something.

I am still waiting for this moment, but I am doing my absolute best to get ready. I am slowly trying to figure out what that moment will be, and trying to find it in my own journey.

Finding your Samwise moment is all about finding your own cadence in your journey. You will only find that moment if you are already on the road.

Nobody truly knows where they are at in their journey towards Mordor, but you can make a reasonable guess. Regarding my own journey: I believe that I am somewhere in the middle.

I am not quite yet fully ready for all of life’s major challenges that await me down the line. I know this to be true. But I also know that I am doing the best I can to arm and equip myself with the necessary skills and traits to be able to face whatever life throws at me.

Am I ready to cast the Ring into the fires of Mt. Doom?

Heck no!

Am I out of the Shire?


Are you out of the Shire yet?

“It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish.” -Samwise Gamgeee

Starting is the most important yet one of the hardest things to do. Getting out of the Shire isn’t easy and it is often not any fun at all.

However, I promise you that if you stick with it, and keep making small changes, you will find yourself on the journey.

So what is your Samwise moment? Do you know? What is the one thing that if you conquer it, will propel you forwards in your journey?

Do you need to stop drinking soda?

Are you suffering from an addiction?

Are you in an unhealthy relationship?

Is your spiritual life currently empty?

Do you need to grab your hobbit friend off the rocky hillside and carry him to victory?

Whatever it is you need to do, you probably already know. You know in your heart what the next best step is. All it takes is the courage to step out on your journey.

Find your Samwise moment and remember to savor the journey along the way.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” – Galadriel

What do you think? Share using the comments section below your thoughts on Samwise, the Lord of the Rings, or how this post effects your thoughts on your own journey.

-Jordan, Your Fiber Guardian