prebiotic foods“There you go, Harry!” Ron shouted over the noise. “You weren’t being thick after all — you were showing moral fiber!” -J.K. Rowling

When I hear the words “prebiotic” and “probiotic” I immediately become skeptical.

Is someone trying to sell me something?

Where is the man in a doctor’s coat trying to sell me a bottle of pills that will supposedly cure all my stomach woes?

I’m here to tell you that this post isn’t going to try to sell you anything other than a good ol’ fashioned dose of moral fiber. Along with a story of my own attempt at “taking” probiotics, I’ll share how to naturally add prebiotics into your diet by finding prebiotic foods.

I am also not against taking supplements, but I am very skeptical when I read an article or watch a video claiming the healing powers of a certain item and I am then promoted to buy that miracle substance for 24.99 plus shipping.

Probiotics: My Own Journey

Back a few years ago I was having a lot of trouble with my gut. I frequently took trips to the bathroom and was often very gassy. I used to struggle to share this unpleasant information, but I know that this is a story that many people share.

I equated these stomach issues mostly to stress, and I called it my stress stomach. I still think to this day that stress was the common factor that caused these issues, but it didn’t stop me from trying other remedies.

One particular avenue that I tried was to take a probiotic pill. I looked into how probiotics can be awesome for your gut health and I was hoked into the ides. I won’t go into all of the details in this post, but there is quite a bit of research out there that claims how effective probiotics can be in reclaiming your gut health.

I took one a day for 60 days and I can honestly say that I felt no different. This is surprising for two reasons:

  1. I am a self diagnosed hypochondriac so you would have thought that it would help me a little bit, even if it were to give me a placebo effect.
  2. The specific pill that I took had rave reviews of people claiming that it made all the difference in the world for them,

It sucked to spend the time and the money to try something like this only to have it fail. I was taking action and trying to take the right steps in order to get rid of my gut issues but I was falling short.

I think I was really just lying to myself.

You cannot expect to continue eating bad foods like donuts, cookies, and sugar filled coffee and have a happy gut. If this is a shock to you that’s okay, but it shouldn’t be. You know as well as I do that it is true, but taking action in this part of your life is decidedly difficult. I know.

I was eating a bad breakfast several days of the week, working a stressful job, and not getting the exercise I needed on regular basis.

You cannot cure a bad diet and bad habits with just a pill.

You have to start eating the right foods and taking the right steps to changing your lifestyle.

Eating healthy foods is always a good decision and will go a long way in creating a happy, bacteria-filled gut.

Prebiotic Foods

Here is a list of prebiotic foods that you can start eating right away. Many of these foods are also high in fiber as well, which of course keeps the Fiber Guardian pretty happy. 🙂

You can find most of these foods at your local grocery store, and adding them into your diet is as simple as finding a recipe to go along with each of them.

  1. Kefir- I add kefir to every smoothie that I make. It tastes great and before I read about probiotics I had never heard about it before. You can get it in just about any grocery store.
  2. Sauerkraut
  3. pickles
  4. Raw chicory root
  5. Jerusalem artichokes
  6. Raw Garlic
  7. Raw Onions
  8. Raw Asparagus
  9. Raw Leek
  10. Legumes
  11. Shallots

This is just a small list of prebiotic foods that you can add to your diet today to bring your gut into balance. Once you start to eat the right foods (mainly fruits and vegetables!) your body will thank you.

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Thanks for reading!

-Jordan, Your Fiber Guardian